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Thing #2983 Japanese TV Does Better Than American

While watching more Naruto last night, I hit a string of flashback shots that couldn't have taken more than fifteen seconds and had no explanatory dialogue, and yet explained more to me than the last ten episodes combined.

Japanese storytelling is genius. This is the perfect example of what makes it so good, that it knows where it's going and how everybody is involved, so nothing is ever random and everything is interesting, and everything makes me love every single character more.

So here's the string I liked so much, plus a couple bonus shots.

While I know nothing about the 1st and 2nd Hokage, they seem to be boyfriends, and I would like to read about them doing the sex thing.

We need filler past-episodes about this team. Full of hijinks.


Kakashi. So grumpy. I HUG HIM. the pervert's ninja trick to summon the Hypnotoad? Because that's a pretty badass trick.

This gives me hope that Naruto will someday turn out hot, because HI THERE.

PS: prillalar, if you haven't seen this you probably should. ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD.
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