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Title: Complimentary Colors [Shoon/Yabu]
Rating/Warnings: R for drinking and bandmate porn.
Summary: Shoon's birthday is a little different from the ones at home.
AN: I blame swtemz for this fic in its entirety, and was unprepared for how hot writing Yabu/Shoon really was. it was like the Nino/Sho of Ya-Ya-Yah.

Complimentary Colors

Shoon had been a little bit upset, at first, when it came out that they would be out of town over his birthday, filming some segment or other with a few of the senpai in Nagoya. It was just for a couple days, but it still meant he wouldn't be home to celebrate as usual with his family, meant Reon wouldn't wake him up at the crack of dawn with a badly-wrapped present, meant his mother couldn't make Shoon his favorite dinner.

In the end, though, he was too busy once they actually got to Nagoya to worry about it much, and horsing around with Hikaru and Taiyo in between takes was more fun than going to some cheesy movie or bad karaoke bar with acquaintances from school anyhow.

Besides, Shoon was really getting too old to have his mother's cooking be the most exciting thing that happened on his birthday.

At least, that was what Koyama-kun had said when he'd handed Shoon the wrapped box. Shoon's eyes had widened a little when he heard the unmistakable clink of bottles inside it. The wrapping paper had panda bears on it, panda bears with party hats who were lolling about very much as if Koyama-kun had gotten to them first.

Shoon glanced around nervously, but most of the others had already gone back to the hotel while he and Koyama-kun finished up their sketch, and the stagehands were all busy packing up equipment and coiling up cords.

"It isn't that birthday yet," Shoon tried to protest, but Koyama shrugged it off, left the box heavy in Shoon's hands.

"It's nothing too hard," Koyama assured, ruffling Shoon's hair. "Don't open it until you get back to your room. Get Taiyo, Hikaru, and Yabu-kun to help you out and you won't even have a headache tomorrow morning."

Shoon wondered if Koyama had smiled just as reassuringly at Uchi and Kusano.

Back at the hotel, Shoon found Yabu sprawled over his bed, damp from the shower and watching some terrible dubbed drama.

"Here," he said, dropping the box, and Yabu raised his eyebrow at the sound of it hitting the mattress. "Birthday present from Koyama-kun. Where're Taiyo and Hikaru?"

"Asleep, out cold." Yabu waved towards the doorway to the adjoining room, slightly ajar, and now that he was listening for it, Shoon heard one of Taiyo's soft, whistling snores. "Hikaru must have run that new routine fifty times. Taiyo must have forgot it and relearned it twenty."

Shoon chuckled as he stripped off his jacket and T-shirt, then told Yabu to go ahead and open the box while he showered.

When he came back, toweling off his head and pajama pants soft against his skin, Yabu was halfway done with the first bottle and patted the seat beside him on the bed.

"What is it?" Shoon asked, sliding in next to Yabu and taking a bottle of his own. It was certainly very green. He peered into the box and saw that there were also pink and yellow and blue, and wondered if Arashi had been the ones who had tipped Koyama off to this stuff.

"Dunno." Yabu tipped his head back for another long swallow, then ran his tongue over his lower lip to catch a stray drop. "Sweet. Kinda burns a little. Good."

"You're so eloquent," Shoon said, twisting the cap off his own bottle. Yabu reached over to snatch the towel off Shoon's head and tossed it to the floor. Shoon shook his hair out so that little drops of water flicked off the ends and hit Yabu, making him growl and shove at Shoon's shoulder.

Shoon hadn't bothered to redo Koyama's math before they started drinking, but it turned out that what wouldn't even have given four juniors a headache was more than enough to get two juniors a little buzzed.

Maybe more than a little.

"All m'sayin," Yabu's voice was husky and seemed to be tripping over itself a little, "is that Yuto-kun gets more'n enough attention…"

"That's mean," Shoon admonished, but it didn't have much heat in it since he had mixed half pink and half blue to get purple, and Yabu's head was resting against his shoulder. Yabu's hair was soft and warm against Shoon's neck, and smelled better than any color in Koyama's box.

"S'not," Yabu grumbled, and Shoon felt him pout against his skin. "Hikaru and Taiyo work jus'as hard. Yuto's a dork."

"You're a dork." Shoon eyes were glued to the little droplets of water still on Yabu's arm from when Shoon had shook out his hair. He ran the tip of his middle fingers through one, swirling the water over Yabu's skin and making Yabu shiver. "You're the leader anyway, what're you worried about?"

"Don' wanna be the leader," Yabu twisted around suddenly, nearly upending Shoon's half-empty bottle, to blink up at Shoon with rather glazed brown eyes. He was still scowling and it was so cute that Shoon brushed a thumb over Yabu's lower lip. "Wanna be Ya-Ya-Yah."

"You're drunk," Shoon replied with authority, then took another long sip from his own bottle. "We are Ya-Ya-Yah."

"That's not what I mean!" Yabu protested, but Shoon was leaning down to press their lips together, head too fuzzy to deal with the usual Yabu blather.

He got a hand up under Yabu's head, wrapped tight in his hair, and pushed Yabu up closer so the kiss went from just licking traces of alcohol from Yabu's lips to Yabu licking traces of alcohol from Shoon's tongue.

It was messy and hot and wet and tasted terrible.

"Ugh!" Yabu shoved Shoon away, a hand planted against Shoon's chest. "What the hell color was that?!"

"Um," Shoon squinted at the bottle still in his one hand, and then the one in Yabu's, "purple plus yellow is, um…"

"You idiot, those are contrasting colors," Yabu informed him, sitting up and pulling out of Shoon's grip to rifle the box. He tugged out one of the few unopened bottles. "Here, blue goes with both of those."

"When'd you get so artistic?" Shoon asked, happily sitting his nearly-empty purple aside to take the blue from Yabu and twisting the top off with a corner of the sheet to shield his palm.

"This is why your costumes make you look like a schizophrenic chameleon." Yabu grabbed the end of the bottle when Shoon tried to lower it, and tilted it back up until Shoon had drained about half of it.

"S'not my fault!" Shoon protested when Yabu finally took the bottle back and was working on the other half, throat fluttering steadily. Shoon wiped the back of his hand over his mouth and then his palms on his pajama pants. "That they dress me like I'm your age."

"S'not their fault you can't get any taller," Yabu shrugged, making Shoon give an indignant gasp, and then he tossed the empty bottle aside and threw a knee over Shoon's thighs to settle in his lap. "Maybe that's why they keep accidentally mixing you up with Reon…"

"Hey!" Shoon protested. "Hey!" And then Yabu shut Shoon up this time, getting his hands on either side of Shoon's face to hold him still and leaning in to give Shoon's top lip an experimental lick first, making Shoon's eyes flutter shut.

"Much better," was the verdict, and Shoon's hands came up to clench in the fabric of Yabu's tank top when Yabu kissed him for real, hands sliding back from Shoon's cheeks to thread through his hair.

After a couple seconds, Shoon realized the soft, sweet noises were coming from him, whenever there was a millimeter of space between their mouths for sound to reverberate, and when he opened his eyes just a little, found Yabu watching his face and pulled back just enough to get a better look.

His hair was mussed from Shoon's earlier mistreatment of it, and his cheeks were pink from alcohol, and the lines of exhaustion under his eyes from work just made them look even more hooded.

"Quit starin'," Yabu protested, trying to press close again, but Shoon's hands were around his waist, slim with dancing muscle, pushing him back so Shoon could look some more, until Yabu gave up and let his hands fall loose to his sides. "Fine, pervert, look all y'want."

Shoon beamed, because it wasn't often that Yabu actually did listen to his elders, and ran a hand up under Yabu's tank top just to see what would happen.

Yabu's back arched, and his head tipped back, and his erection showed plainly where it broke the smooth line of his body. Shoon's hands tightened against Yabu, shivering, and wondered it Yabu had felt the twitch of his own cock where it was pressing against Yabu's ass.

He got his answer when Yabu lifted his head back up to glare down at him, eyes slit thin and dark and glittering. "Don't tease, Shoonie."

"Yabu-kun," was all Shoon could manage to answer, raising his hips into Yabu and getting both hands under his shirt, biting his lip to keep from making a completely embarrassing noise at the heated drag of Yabu's bare skin against his palms.

Yabu called him "Shoonie" against and forced his way down to crush their lips together, hands flattening the pillow on either side of Shoon's head and back in a tight curl which probably wasn't particularly comfortable after the first three seconds, but felt like heaven to Shoon, Yabu's spine sharp under his fingertips.

One of them started thrusting, Shoon couldn't have said which, but it was Yabu who slid back just enough to reach between them to tug Shoon's pajama pants out of the way and wrap his fingers around Shoon's cock.

"Yabu," Shoon whimpered, panting against Yabu's mouth and digging his fingers into the small of Yabu's back, pushing up into his fist, "don't, I'm already…"

Yabu trailed open-mouthed kisses across Shoon's cheekbone to murmur in his ear, "You're so easy, Shoonie," and then grazed his teeth over the spot where Shoon's earlobe connected to his head.

If Yabu wanted it that way, Shoon was more than happy to give it to him. He shut his eyes and thrust up for all he was worth, groaning Yabu's name and a few choice curse words when Yabu shifted his wrist in just the right way. Yabu's left-hand kept up exactly what it was doing, but Shoon felt Yabu push up to a sitting position, his weight holding Shoon's thighs steady.

"Your mouth's so pretty," Yabu said suddenly, and Shoon's eyes flew open to find Yabu eyeing him thoroughly. Yabu lifted his free hand to brush his thumb across Shoon's lower lip. "Can't wait to see it doing this to me."

Even without the alcohol or the mental image, sudden dirty talk from Yabu was clearly more than Shoon could take, and his back curled as he came over Yabu's hand, then he collapsed back against the pillows, panting.

His head was starting to throb a little, but the sensation was all tangled up with the way Yabu refused to let go of Shoon even while he shuddered, and the way Yabu's cruel chuckle rubbed Shoon's over-sensitive skin when Shoon begged him to stop.

Finally, Shoon just reached up to grab Yabu's tank top and rolled them both over, yanking Yabu close to shudder against his side.

"You're a jerk," he grumbled when he had his breath back, and Yabu laughed and shifted so that his erection was rubbing against Shoon's thigh.

"Not my fault you moan so pretty," Yabu said, voice low against Shoon's ear, apparently not done with the talking, just like Shoon's body was evidently not done having an immediate response to it. "No wonder the senpai like to push you into corners and…"

"Stop it," Shoon hissed, getting a hand down Yabu's pants and squeezing to shut him up because he really didn't want to talk about the senpai right then. He kissed Yabu to be sure he wouldn't start up again, making a noise of surprise when Yabu turned the kiss sharp, teeth nipping at Shoon's lips. "Yabu?"

"Can't blame me for being jealous." Yabu's voice was a soft growl and his hand was back on Shoon, still slick and coaxing Shoon's vague interest into full hardness again much faster than Shoon would have bet were possible.

"Of the senpai?" Shoon tried to give as good as he got since Yabu seemed to want to play rough. "Or of me? Maybe it's just that you want to get shoved around a little, roughed up, taken advantage of…"

"Shoon!" Yabu's strokes faltered and his hips shoved out of rhythm into Shoon's hand. "Didn't know you could talk like that."

"Course I can," Shoon bluffed, a little heady with the rush of ditching his sweet, shy personality for a few seconds. If it got Yabu under him like this, desperate and out of control, he could certainly do it more often.

But the teasing, he wasn't ready to get rid of that part, exactly, so Shoon kept right on talking, telling Yabu exactly what he'd do to him if he were the senpai and Yabu was shoved in the corner, hidden by a rack of costumes, hum of conversations behind them so he'd know they might get caught at any moment, slowing his hand every time Yabu seemed to be getting close, how he'd make Yabu beg and get Yabu's legs up around his waist…

"Fuck, Shoon, please, c'mon, please," Yabu finally pled, fingers digging into Shoon's biceps and voice raw, and Shoon figured maybe he could give Yabu what he wanted after all.

"Well," Shoon sat up, leaving Yabu blinking, "since you've been such a sweet, good, little kouhai…"

Yabu's face, when Shoon shoved him onto his back and slid his lips over Yabu's cock, was so hot that Shoon nearly went over the edge himself. Yabu's thigh muscles were shivering under Shoon's hands, and his mouth was open, slick and pink, and before they squeezed shut, his eyes were dark and wide, his fingers twisted tight in the sheets.

Shoon broke character when Yabu came suddenly, and pulled away with a splutter, swallowing hard as all the alcohol of various colors sloshed in his stomach. Yabu didn't seem to care, though, as Shoon used his hand to coax him the whole way through the end. Shoon waited, breathing through his nose until Yabu's eyes fluttered open.

"Shoonie?" he asked when he got a good look at Shoon's face, then blinked when Shoon made a sudden dash for the bathroom.

He clipped his shoulder hard on the doorway, but still made it, just barely, to the toilet before Koyama's present gave an unscheduled encore.

"It is just like Arashi," he groaned, sitting back just as the soft slap of Yabu's feet on the tile approached.

"How do you feel?" Yabu asked. Shoon groaned again as warm hands helped him lean back against the wall, cool against his shoulders, but it was mostly melodrama now that his stomach was empty. He kept his eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the sink running for a second, and then a cool cloth pressed against his forehead. "Better?"

"M'okay." Shoon opened his eyes and gave Yabu a sheepish smile. "I just gagged a little, and then, you know, all the alcohol."

"I'll try not to take that as a comment about me personally," Yabu said, moving the washcloth down to smooth over Shoon's neck, and it wasn’t until he looked back up to catch Shoon's eye that Shoon saw the smirk.

"I'd kiss you in reassurance," Shoon patted Yabu's shoulder, "but my mouth tastes kind of purple and yellow."

Reassured, Yabu cleaned both of them off with the washcloth before throwing it back into the sink and helping Shoon to his feet, both of them grunting when the room spun a little. He even bullied Shoon into drinking a glass of water before downing one himself, then got them both tucked into Shoon's bed, which had not taken the damage that Yabu's had, nor was strewn with bottles of various colors.

"Tomorrow's going to suck," Shoon mumbled when they were both drifting off, and Yabu, wrapped warm around Shoon's back, grunted in agreement.

Several hours later, when Taiyo and Hikaru woke Shoon up at the crack of dawn with badly wrapped presents, Shoon wondered if next year he shouldn't try for a nice quiet birthday at home after all.

"Well," Yabu asked when he and Shoon both had a bandmate pinned under them, Yabu crushing a flailing Hikaru while Shoon used strategic placement of weight to hold down a wide-eyed Taiyo, "since it's your birthday, what should we do with them?"

"Hmm," the purr in Shoon's voice made Yabu grin, Hikaru freeze mid-flail, and Taiyo shiver the whole length of his body, "I guess it isn't too early to unwrap my presents."

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…