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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Shabz Said I Should Make One Of Those Posts

Konnichiwa~ Hisashiburi, dane?

Mousapi is at the beach along with Mousepapa and Mousemama. The beach is kirakira but the wind makes Mousapi shiver unless she is in the sun

So now Mousapi is a bit akai hana ^///^

Mousamama fell in the ocean today she stepped in the part where the sandbar stops and was over her head in a foot of water

It was dokidoki for Mousapi and Mousepapa for a bit

Mousepapa has been watching tennis. At last today Roddick played~! Also Kobayashi says he will compete tomorrow, even with his jaw being itai itai, and my tension was raised!


Mousapi, Mousepapa, and Mousemama are all very busy at the beach Enjoying life at the beach is the best, isn't it? I feel completely recharged

And tomorrow will be hanabi

until then, ja ne
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