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You Should All Write In This Fandom

I got the following anonymous comment on the last Gackt-chan post:

"I can totally see Jin and Pi walking into her room and seeing her with some kindergarten classmate. The boy's pants are around his ankles and he is looking at an advancing Gackt-chan with a look of terror.
Jin goes into hysterics and Gackt-chan doesn't get whats wrong. "We're just playing house!"
"You," Pi says to the boy, his tone laced with murder. "Get out."
The boy tries to make a speedy getaway, shuffling his feet that are still bound around his ankles by blue jeans.
"Thank you Gackt-chan daddy number 2!" he sobs in relief. He is saved from girl cooties."

i just CRIED with laughter. Because it is very clear that the boy knew he was not going to be the daddy. IT'S ALL TRUE.

Also I've been trying to work out exactly what's going to happen with Gackt-chan and school and coming to the unhappy conclusion that she will have to go, if JE juniors do, but also that there's no way really that she's going to fit in, which is about 2987235 times more a big deal there than here. And there will have to be teachers visits where Yamapi pretends to be a single father and there's no way this is going to work out at all, even if they do register her as just "Yamashita Gakuto."

The internet seems to be working properly again at the HoJo's. Huzzah! Yesterday was scary D:
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