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in other news, I just watched the MF performance of LOVE IS THE GREATEST THING (god bless you, japan, for giving me excuses to capslock. "I can't help it! That's the title!")

OH. MY GOD. It's amazing. First of all, anything that starts with Keita giving the double V and then slapping himself just...can't...who has words for this?!

They sound so good, they look so good, that dance is so cool. Sometimes I just stare at w-inds. and think "by god, you learned to dance and sing and choreograph and rap and produce, not for boybandy, but for REAL, you all GREW UP while I was watching" and it makes my heart squeeze like those gross little squishy balls you make bits of pop out between your fingers at junky souvenir shops.

At 2:28, I was staring at the screen, and I fell in love with Keita like I had just seen him for the first time all over again. It actually hurt. And there was a sort of a sound...thing...going on, it's a very high song, and suddenly I realized: it's not keita, it's my speakers. My tiny powerbook speakers cannot handle w-inds.

I'M GOING TO SEE THIS LIVE. ASDLKGJASDFKJAS. If the Journey concert is even a fraction of the awesome of this one song, it's possible that I will actually die. :[]VV
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