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Back from Order of the Phoenix

Trailers = A+++++. Golden Compass! And holy crap, nobody told me that they were making a Spiderwick Chronicles movie! That's insane. Congratulations, blackholly!

musesfool, I think we have a really good chance of talking matt, brad, and george into doing the movie where they are all nuns. And then we will have our own talkie pictures!

In general I liked the movie, maybe better than Goblet of Fire, but definitely not as much as Azkaban. It's so funny to say that now, since the first time I saw PoA, I was so displeased with it. Perhaps because I disliked everything that happened in the book so much (the events themselves, not the book, it's just so depressing), I liked it better when it was all over in two hours.

I wish we had spent overall more time in Grimmauld Place, more time with Tonks, although Kingsley got his fair share. I cannot say thank you enough to whoever decided to shoot Sirius and Remus at the table through the doorway, and to frame that shot of Sirius hugging Harry with Remus at his shoulder. The fact that you flashbacked to that shot like three times almost made up for the lack of conjoined christmas present.

Sirius in general was well done, perfect. i was afraid they'd play up the depressed/crazy thing, but honestly Sirius talked to Harry more than anybody. There was hugging and winking, and I was glad Sirius did the bit with the picture. Padfoot! I love the padfoot. The house in general I don't feel like they did much with at all, and Kreacher, but the family tree was very, very cool.

Weird things made me tear up. The family tree was the first one, although that isn't weird exactly, but it wasn't filmed sad. I was pleased they got in Sirius's story about running away, and also struck again how Sirius is saying out loud how much like James Harry is, when honestly I see far more of an angry runaway Sirius in him, especially in that scene.

Fred and George's stunt made me cry too, which was weird, because it wasn't sad! I'm not sure why it struck me like that, other than it was very cathartic. Also, the scene where they are comforting the kid was wonderful, and oh god the lines. that was so damned well done, and after the set up of seeing harry do it the first time, all anybody had to do was mention in and i shivered.

As soon as I saw the archway I started to bawl (god i'm such a girl). I didn't even get to enjoy the fight, which was very, very cool. the Death Eaters were horrifying and i literally shuddered every time somebody popped up in one of those masks. God, it was amazing. I really didn't think you could do Death Eaters that well, but honestly i think they scared me more than the dementors, which still give me the chills no matter how many times i watch PoA.

I was sad they lost Ron's prefect's badge (although i was pleased to see Percy), and also Cho's friend because it meant no boils, which was always my favorite part of that. Neville had some good scenes, but lost most of his kickassery at the Ministry, which was a shame. And no swamp! I was particularly :| about that.

I'm so pleased the flashback made it in, and I really hope it's one of the extended scenes, but frankly I just can't wait to DVD that sucker and get a really good look at the marauders. I caught flashes of a very cute Sirius, but had trouble picking out Remus and Peter behind James. Also eensy-Snape was kickass, I was more into him than I thought that I would be.

I really liked the memory rifling effect, and I liked how they pulled things from other movies too. I even liked Luna more as a movie character than a book one, although my father is taking her last talk with harry as proof that Sirius is coming back and I am being melodramatic.

I think that's about all I have to say right now. marksykins, IMAX? you waaaaaaanna...I need to see about tickets soon if you do though, because i'm not sure what their selling out situation is.

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