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OotP Second Viewing - IMAX!

Upon a second watch, I really like this movie even more. We went to the IMAX near us and saw the 3-D, and I have to say that it was very, very cool. I came away with a bit of a headache though, but I think that's my sinuses more than anything.

Some more random thoughts about the movie:

*All the WWW boxes confiscated in Umbridge's office! XD

*When they are breaking into the DA, there's one guy in the back who is ridiculously taller than everybody else with curly, white/silver hair. Ohtori? WRONG MOVIE, OHTORI.

*tiny baby bowl-cut harry potter? Looks just like chibi Yabu. DAMMIT. I'VE BEEN RUINED BY JPOP SRSLY.

*Everybody else really DID go to the stripes store without harry! "Dumbledore said we weren't allowed to take you! You can only have solid colors!"

*dude, who was that completely adorable ravenclaw boy in the DA? ETA: wiki reports, "It is debated whether or not Corner appeared in the fifth film. A Ravenclaw student in the D.A. lessons, played by Ryan Nelson, is dubbed as "Slightly Creepy Boy" in the end credits. In official merchandise for the film, "Slightly Creepy Boy" is identified as Michael Corner." XD

*on that note, is Ravenclaw the house for all the emo, long-haired, closeted glam boys? srsly? I HAVE CHOSEN WELL. The boys sit around the common room looking pretty and tragic, and the girls all smooth down their pleated schoolgirl skirts and write fanfiction about it.

*Remus, ilu. I forgive you your cardigans and your pudgy, because your every appearance filled me with sirius/marauder glee, and also because Sirius clearly had his arm around you the first time we saw you through the doorway.

*3-D thestrals? coolest fucking thing. 3-D death eaters? aslfdjaldjfaHORROR. the death eaters just creep me the hell out, it's so well done, and I can't wait for their to be amazing death eater battles in the last two movies that make shudder just like I did in this one.

*speaking of that, death eater lucius = Ansem? Something about the rubbery thing on his chest with the whole look put deeply in a KH frame of mind. Org XIII goes to HP totally needs to get written. Demyx would be like "MAGIC IS REAL HOMG" and Xenohart would be all "that guy is totally wearing my hair, kill him plz" and Axel would be like "you're all such children" but on the inside would be all "MAGIC IS REAL HOMG."
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