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the 10 unpopular opinions meme

1. I think whoever wants to get married should be able to. I don't care who you are or what you like or who you chose to fuck. Nobody, but NOBODY gets to tell me who I marry, and that should be the same for all of you.

2. I cannot stand people who are offended just for the sake of it. one of the frats at my college had their annual "fo'ties and sho'ties" party, which clearly encourages a rather stereotypical veiw of black people. nothing new happened at this party, but the BSU is up in arms about it, and the President of my college sent out an email calling out the frat. Was there a fight? Was there vandalism? Were anybody's rights to anything impinged upon? No. People just thought they ought to whine about it.

3. I'm glad we went to the middle east and bombed the fuck out of some people. Your country fucks with us, we go over and fuck you up worse. We're rich and ruthless, that's how we got to be on top, and that's how we're going to stay there.

4. Kids are on too many damn drugs, that's why they're sick all the time. You think people fifty years ago didn't learn to deal with their ADHD? bullshit. Drugs are a crutch. You want to pop pills, give your kid some aspirin and tell him its Ritalin, it'll work just about the same and they won't get an eating disorder.

5. I think the Death Penalty is a perfectly reasonable crime deterrent, IF USED PROPERLY. If you say you're going to kill somebody when they are serial murderers and rapists and what have you, fucking do it. Don't let them pansy about for two decades and then be saved at the last second by some governor's phone call. The reason the death penalty doesn't work is because nobody believes in it.

6. I refuse to watch sad movies/books/TV. This includes the news. I don't go to the movies to be depressed, i go to be entertained. If i want to be depressed, i will go outside and watch people for awhile. The whole point of the media to make us believe in a world where everything works out in the end and people are pretty and happy and get far more ass than me. I fully intend to believe the lie.

7. Barbie is not bad for girls. Sorry, it's not. Boobs are good and Math is hard and blondes do have more fun. These are facts of life, they might as well learn them now.

8. Rats are the best pet ever. they want to hang out with you and eat junk food with you and groom you, just like you're part of their little pack. They're brilliant, and they can fall four stories onto asphalt and get up and walk away. They're tails are awesome. I wish I had one.

9. i like Cyclops. Arguably, Cyclops is not the coolest X-men, but there's no reason to call him a poor excuse for humanity. It's a lot easier to be the funny guy or the rich guy or the cynical outsider, but somebody has got to hold everything together and make sure people don't kill each other and don't get arrested and follow the rules more or less.

I am in charge of 35 freshmen. That means I am the tool, sometimes i am the biggest simpering RPO tool of them all, sometimes I actually use phrases like "Mission Statement" and "the big picture" and I really MEAN it. But my residents hold each other accountable to the community, dammit.

10. JKR knows what she's doing. It's her story. She had the whole thing set in her mind before any of us ever heard of her. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Character deaths, Lupin mustaches, whatever. I have total faith, because if the story wasn't worth it, she would have never picked up that pencil.

You can whine and nitpick and grumble all you want, but the story won't change because of you, because it isn't yours. Write your own story if you want. that's why we're here, isn't it?

This story is JKR's, and you had better be in it for the love.

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