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So Much For Rereading HBP

I'm on page 70 XD

My mother is going to Borders with me tonight, which was unexpected, but should be fun, and also my father demanded i procure him a copy as well, which was totally expected.

I got shorts with cargo pocketses for Japan! I am excited by this immensely, and will never malign Target's clothing section ever again, even if I was in the boys' section for both shorts and t-shirts. PS-I am a boys 36 now! Woohoo!

Also at Target I got the new Yellowcard cd, which I am enjoying as we speak. My brother and I saw them the year they headlined with Something Corporate (both of whom were excellent in concert, far more than one would expect bands with violinists and pianists to be in person), and I realized about the middle of the second song that I will always have a soft spot for Yellowcard because I saw them live.

that the act of seeing a band live creates a sort of bond that transcends whether they get better or worse afterwards, whether your attention wanes or strengthens.

so then I thought, if I love w-inds. this much now...well, we'll see in a couple weeks, won't we?
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