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The Traditional Last-Second Post

We're finally back (man, if you had a pink bracelet you have my deepest sympathies), the contacts are out, and the rats have their yogurt raisins. I guess there's no putting it off any longer.

There is no greater happiness for me, who never ever went through the same phases as a child at the same time as anybody else, than knowing that thousands of people are doing the same exact thing as me at this moment, regardless of continent, country, or time zone.

I texted a few people while waiting at the store, which really brought home to me the greater lesson of HP, livejournal, and fandom at large: although none of you were with me at the time, you are all always with me, because I bring you with me everywhere.

Especially those of you who texted me back buttocks jokes and porn dialogue.

And finally, a moment of silence for Mulciber the hooded rat, who was named by lj poll and keep vigil with me during HBP, even though we were away from home and alone at the time. And also for Captain Jack the snail, who was purchased during the haze following OotP and ate all the Harrys, from 1 through 11. And some Cedrics. And some Dracos.

See you on the other side, guys. LET'S DO THIS THING.
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