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Well, said Mousapi, I'm Back.

Some things I have to say in no particular order:

*I was utterly gleeful at the RAB revelation, because i always called that sucker, but even MORE so when Kreacher said he drank the potion, because I totally said that to my father when i got home, and when i hit the page at about 4am, i fistpumped like a complete freak.

*I'm iconning that pictures of the marauders. I almost stopped reading to do that.

*I really love flashbacks. I mean I really love them. Also, my kneejerk reaction to the doe patronus was that it was remus's, but when he didn't turn up right away to help, had to admit that it was snape's, but either way knew right away that it was about Lily.

*I was grumpy wormtail didn't show up with james, lily, remus, and sirius, even though I understood that it was people harry wanted to see. But he was a marauder! And he saved Harry's life, and I wanted that all to mean something. And I was hoping they would, you know, do things, not just pop in for a dozen or so pages.

*MY FAVORITES ALWAYS DIE. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT. It was like they were working their way right down the list!

*i was irritated beyond belief about the remus and tonks got married business, but i loosened up as Remus was clearly miserable. I actually did like the "oops, i've knocked up tonks" subplot, because Tonks is sort of a flake and Remus is in no condition to deal with stupid things like prophylactics, and I made peace with the fact that JKR was not going to deal with out-of-wedlock children on top of everything else. I was however sad that harry forcing to Remus not to be a twit meant he couldn't hang out with them, which i really really wanted.

*although conversely, i was really bothered by Tonks showing up at Hogwarts and deserting the kid too. What happened to the kickass Tonks of book 5 who I adored? I felt she'd been done a huge disservice every time I saw her here.

*I wish we'd had much more of Neville, as well, because he was glorious. BUT WHAT THE HELL WAS THE MIMBULUS MIMBLETONIA FOR?!

*I wasn't really expecting the seige of Hogwarts to happen, maybe because it turns up in fic so much? But it made sense, and I liked it, and I could see why both Harry and Tom would have wanted to be there. The shrieking shack as well, i was glad for the revisit.

*Also, I had a good laugh about Draco on the back of Harry's broom and Harry using Draco's wand. and goddamn, there was quite a bit of Harry/Ron, wasn't there? And some Dean/Seamus, which unearthed a deep love for them that i'd forgotten I had.

*PERCY. ♥♥♥

*A bunch of stupid things made me cry as usual, and in the end I cried for about ten solid minutes after it was all over, feeling like a moron the whole time because it wasn't sad! I would have probably cried less if it had been sad, honestly. I was caught off-guard by Moody making me choke up, both because it was so early and because I hadn't realized that I had never questioned that he would survive. Also, "Albus Severus" was where I really lost it in the end.

*although i thought to myself, who names their kid that?! and I was terribly sad there was no Sirius Potter, although it's probably James Sirius Potter, but still, no canon.

*Evans asked Snape if he knew what Mulciber had almost done, and of course i thought "HE STOLE HER FROOT LOOPS." Also, didn't Avery get mentioned in there almost in the same place? That made me laugh too.
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