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the continued saga of Captain Jack and the Harrys

This is a story about a betta fish, a snail, and eight tetra fish.

So Jean Claude (the betta) has been turning his water green at a fantastic rate, faster than I could turn water green most likely. So I dropped in Captain Jack (the snail) to help with the problem till i could change the water. Jean Claude was LIVID, he kept circling and pecking at Jack, but Jack was smart enough to keep his shell over his extremities while still sucking on the side of the vase. Finally the betta had a plan: he hovered too high up in the vase for Jack to see and then just waited...waited...waited... until jack was all spread out and relaxed and then he POUNCED and ATE one of Jack's antennae.

So I went and bought Jack some more tetra fish as a peace offering. Harry 6 and 7 had not even been put in the bowl yet before Harry 7 keeled over, so now Harrys 1,6, and 8 are all living together. I'm sure the first conversation with Harry 1, who developed a nervous mien after 4 of the previous Harrys were eaten by the snail, was very entertaining:

6!Harry: "Hi, we're going to be living with you now."
1!Harry: *twitches*
8!Harry: "Uh, are you all right, you look a little..."

PS- the glam!Sirius story is NEARLY finished, thank god. I so didn't plan for it to be 30 pages. I'm going to write fluffy glitterfic if it kills me.
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