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Title: The Most Brilliant Idea [Sho/Hikaru/Nagi]
Rating/Warnings: R for porn stars sharing a hotel room.
Summary: Sho's aircon is broken, Nagi only has shrimp-flavored yogurt, and Hikaru has the most brilliant idea ever.
AN: For bouncy, who is adorable and in my Prophecy room! and also for swtjemz, who really needs some Coconut Breeze promotional wallpapers.

The Most Brilliant Idea

"What a beautiful sunset!" Hikaru called as he bounced outside, stretching his arms over his head so that his T-shirt rode up. "You two slowpokes are missing it!"

"Where does that jerk get all his energy?" Nagi grumbled as he and Sho followed more slowly, Nagi digging fists into his lower back, trying to rub out a kink.

"I have no idea, let's double team him again," Sho answered, rubbing his shoulder that had been bent the wrong way and held his weight for too long. Their job definitely took the glamour out of a lot of sex positions, Sho thought ruefully.

Hikaru was beaming at them when they finally got outside, brighter than even his damned sunset, and Sho glanced over to find Nagi blinking away the glare after the relative dark of the building they'd been filming in.

"See? Gorgeous, right?" Hikaru pressed, cheering when Sho finally agreed with him. Nagi pushed his hair out of his face and gave them a 'tcht' of disgust. "C'mon, let's get some coffee or something, I need a little energy boost."

"He needs a…" Nagi trailed off as they broke into a jog to follow Hikaru out to the street.

The aircon of the coffee shop felt like heaven when it brushed fingers through Sho's hair, damp from even a few blocks' walk in the summer heat, even with the sun almost down. He sighed happily, then groaned as he remembered that he had not called the repair man to fix his own aircon, which had conked out in the middle of the night. He'd meant to call during a break, but it had completely slipped his mind in the confusion of bubble baths, condoms, and red underwear that read "Heart Bleaker."

A quick glance at his watch confirmed that it was definitely too late to get somebody now, and Sho stewed about that in silence while a waitress with pink bunny ears took their order and Hikaru and Nagi chattered at each other about some new dorama that was airing.

"How is it?" Hikaru asked suddenly.

"Feels good," Sho answered automatically, then started when both Hikaru and Nagi erupted into laughter.

"I meant the coffee!" Hikaru hooted, slapping the table, and Sho told them both to shut up because they were assholes.

"Ne, Sho, don't be like that." Nagi reached over to pat Sho's arm between giggles. "What are you thinking about so quietly over there anyway?"

"As if we didn't know!" Hikaru was slumped practically horizontal in his chair, only his eyes visible over the edge of the table, squinted almost shut with hilarity. Nagi kicked him under the table, making his laughter cut off with a yelp.

Sho rolled his eyes and told them about forgetting to call the repairman, mood ebbing even lower as he thought about spending another long, sticky night in his apartment.

"And I don't mean that in the good way," he finished.

"At least you have aircon," Nagi said, crunching a few of the ice cubes from his mocha. "All I've got is a rotating fan. And I haven't had any time to go grocery shopping all week. All I've got left in the fridge is shrimp-flavored yogurt."

"Shrimp-flavored…" Sho repeated, wrinkling his nose.

"Hey, I've got a great idea!" Hikaru interrupted, pushing himself back up straight in his chair, frowning at Sho and Nagi's identical groans. "No, it's good, I swear!"

"Okay," Sho sighed, figuring the situation couldn't get much worse, really. "Go ahead."

"Let's get a hotel room for the night!" Hikaru looked from Sho to Nagi expectantly. Sho and Nagi exchanged a glance. "If we all share a room, you know, with a king-sized bed or something, it'll be cheap."

"I think you've been watching too much of your own porn," Nagi said. He caught Sho's eye and put on his 'TV commercial announcer' voice. "One bed, three guys, you won't know whether they're coming or…"

"I'm serious!" Hikaru pouted, although not before Sho caught a flash of interest over his features. "It'll be fun, like a sleepover! There'll be aircon…" Sho's glare wavered a little. "And room service…" Nagi squirmed in his chair. "It'll be like a mini-vacation!"

"Well…" Sho started, and Hikaru scented acquiescence in the air and gave a whoop.

"And tiny shampoos!" he added, flailing at the waitress for their checks.


Before he knew exactly what was happening, Sho found himself standing in the middle of a hotel room, watching Nagi test out the bounce of the king-sized mattress. He picked up the TV remote for something to do, idly flipping channels on the TV.

"Whoa!" called Hikaru from the bathroom, his voice echoing weirdly off the tile. "There's like a billion of these things!"

"What's his deal with tiny shampoos?" Nagi asked, letting himself settle on the edge of the bed. Sho shrugged, skipping past a obstacle course game show and a rerun of Coffee Prince that he really hoped Nagi hadn't noticed or they'd all end up watching it.

"It's reverse compensation!" Hikaru announced, sticking his head out of the bathroom abruptly and startling Sho into dropping the remote. The back of the case popped off, and Sho scowled at Hikaru over his shoulder as he bent to scoop up the batteries. "Anybody mind if I shower first?"

"No," chorused Nagi at the same time as Sho, and then Nagi added, "go back to that rerun of Coffee Prince."

Sighing, Sho gave in and tossed Nagi the remote before flopping down on the bed beside him. Nagi chattered throughout the episode, since it was one they'd both seen, and Sho mostly tuned out the running commentary, only giving the occasional "Un" when it seemed necessary.

"Your turn!" Hikaru announced, coming out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam, toweling off his hair. Nagi, highly invested in the TV, waved Sho on, and Sho stood up just as Hikaru plopped himself down on the end of the bed. In the bathroom, he kicked the careless heap of Hikaru's clothes out onto the carpet and pushed the door shut, chuckling as he heard Nagi launch into a full synopsis of the dorama for Hikaru before the door clicked and cut off the sound.

The shower was still hot from Hikaru's turn, and also turned out to be the kind that shot water at you from waist-level as well as from above. Sighing in bliss as the sharp spray melted away the ache in his muscles, Sho was man enough to admit, at least in the privacy of the shower, that maybe Hikaru really had managed a good idea this time.

His mellow was reaching an all-time high by the time Sho emerged, even taking into account the fact that he had braved the shampoo from the tiny orange bottle and now smelled either like an apricot or a pine nut. The dorama was evidentially over, and Nagi and Hikaru had the news on but seemed to be totally ignoring it, unless they really were laughing about—Sho flicked a glance at the headline at the bottom of the screen—an earthquake at a puppy farm in Nagoya.

"Geez, wonder what you were doing in there," Nagi said as he got up and shouldered past Sho into the bathroom. Sho just rolled his eyes, because leave it to Nagi to think that anyone would come straight from eight hours of filming porn only to jack off in the shower.

Hikaru flipped off the TV and tossed the remote aside as Sho squeezed water from the ends of his hair and debated how horribly the back would puff up if he didn't blow-dry it. Caught up in his thoughts, it took him a minute to realize that Hikaru was watching him with an easy gaze, hands folded across his stomach.

"Sho-kun looks much more relaxed," Hikaru shrugged in answer to Sho's raised eyebrow, as though that explained something. Hikaru had apparently dug his boxers out of the pile of clothes Sho had kicked out of the bathroom, since they were all he was wearing, and then Sho realized that his own clothes must still be on the floor of the bathroom, no doubt getting soaked, since a quick glance informed him that Nagi hadn't been as thoughtful before he shut the door.

Hikaru, following Sho's glance, chuckled.

"Ne, don’t worry about it," he advised, patting the space beside him. "It's not like I've never seen it before." Forced to agree, Sho tossed the wet towel aside (it was completely an accident that it landed on Nagi's sneakers) and crawled onto the bed to collapse on his stomach next to Hikaru.

"This is a really nice bed," he commented, and Hikaru hummed in agreement, rolling onto his side to face Sho. He laughed again and Sho asked, "What now?"

"You smell like apricots and pine nuts," Hikaru answered, and Sho rolled up on his side to punch Hikaru in the shoulder. "Hey, I didn’t say I didn't like it!"

Somehow it turned into a conversation about their favorite scents, working their way from normal things like shampoo all the way up to arcane combinations such as chalk lines on a baseball field right after rain, and hot takoyaki when your skin smelled like sunblock.

Hikaru's hands were always in motion as he talked, gesturing in the small space between them, brushing his hair out of his face, or reaching over to trace the lines of Sho's tattoo. Sho's eyes tracked the motion lazily, Hikaru's touch familiar and comfortable, and when he went to answer that he really loved the way new cars smelled too, he found himself yawning instead.

"Oh, you can't be serious," Nagi said when he came out of the bathroom, doing a slipshod job of drying himself and tossing the towel back into the bathroom before flipping off the bathroom light. He climbed into bed on Hikaru's other side, curling an arm loosely over Hikaru's waist and settling his chin in the curve of Hikaru's shoulder. "I leave you two alone on a king-sized bed, naked and damp, and you spend your time talking about how cars smell?"

"I've already fucked you twice today, Nagi-kun," Sho replied, narrowing his eyes. "Don't force me to make it three."

"Maa, I like talking to Sho-kun!" Hikaru protested, grinning right at Sho as though Nagi weren't curled around his back. "He makes me feel like I have interesting things to say."

"So what?" Nagi asked, reaching up to trace a line down Hikaru's sternum with his fingertips.

"Sooo," Hikaru rolled his eyes, "most guys I know think that when I open my mouth it's because their cock is supposed to go in it."

"That's because it's the truth, you idiot," Nagi said affectionately, going from tracing to tickling and making Hikaru snicker and squirm. "Help me out, Sho-kun."

"Hikaru does have interesting things to say!" Sho answered, brain not catching on that Nagi had meant to help him out with the porn part until both Hikaru and Nagi had stopped what they were doing and were staring at him. "Um."

"Ne, he's blushing," Nagi whispered, elbowing Hikaru, clearly expecting Hikaru to join in mocking Sho, and not so much for Hikaru to throw himself across the six-inch space separating them and kiss Sho senseless.

"Um," said Sho again when Hikaru broke the kiss, but his voice was a half-octave lower. Hikaru's body was pressed firm against his, Hikaru's hands buried in his hair, and Hikaru's cock poking him in the belly.

"Holy crap," Nagi said. "I think you say interesting things too!"

Hikaru gave a still somewhat dazed Sho a wink, then rolled over to face Nagi. He wriggled, though, so that he was still touching as much of Sho's skin with his own as possible, his ass tucked snugly in against Sho's groin.

"Is that so?" he asked in tones of great skepticism. Nagi nodded. "And random cock isn't the only thing my mouth's good for?" Nagi shook his head, looking penitent. "I wonder if Nagi-kun really means that…"

"I do, really!" Nagi insisted, edging closer, and when Hikaru didn't push him away, diving in for his own kiss, hands sneaking back to Hikaru's waist.

The sight of Nagi and Hikaru kissing sparked a mix of heat and a tiny bit of jealousy in Sho's stomach—just because Hikaru was such a good kisser, he told himself—so Sho occupied himself kissing any other part of Hikaru he could reach. This included the smooth skin of his shoulder, the warmth of his neck where his hair was getting long enough to brush over it, the tiny dip just below his earlobe that was the perfect shape for Sho to press the tip of his tongue.

Hikaru pulled back from Nagi to gasp for air, body shivering a ripple as though it couldn't decide which direction to lean in.

"How comes you always end up in the middle?" Nagi wanted to know.

"Because this was my idea," Hikaru answered, tilting his head back to let Nagi trail kisses down his throat and giving a surprised little "Mph!" when Sho seized the opportunity to capture his mouth again.

"Hey now," Sho heard Nagi say, and then Hikaru jerked against him, breaking the kiss, and when Sho looked up, Nagi was examining Hikaru's neck with a smirk. Sho pushed up on an elbow to find a fresh mark on Hikaru's skin, already purpling a bit.

"Ah, Hikaru will be in trouble for that." Sho clicked his tongue, reaching over to push two fingers against the mark.

"No fair!" Hikaru protested, wriggling, although Sho wasn't sure whether it was because he was pushing down on the bruise or just because Hikaru liked wriggling. "I didn't do anything!"

"You'll be the one who needs the extra makeup, though," Sho reminded, chuckling as Hikaru tried to twist his neck into a position to see the mark. "But maybe you can get Nagi-kun to make it up to you."

Nagi was already on that, sliding down bit by bit to kiss his way down Hikaru's chest, lingering over a ticklish spot on Hikaru's abs. Hikaru protested and tried to squirm away, but Sho wrapped his arms tight across Hikaru's shoulders to hold him still, shooting Nagi a conspiratorial grin.

Finally, when Hikaru was begging, a fine tremble running over his skin, Nagi gave up the tickling and moved the last few inches to pull Hikaru's boxers out of the way and nuzzle the base of his cock, tongue flicking out as if testing the warm, taut skin.

"Quit it!" Hikaru protested, voice catching, and when Nagi ignored him, leaned his head back to give Sho the big, pleading eyes. "Shooo, make him stop teasing!"

"Mm, since you asked so nice," Sho purred in Hikaru's ear. He put a hand on the back of Nagi's head, buried his fingers deep in the shower-damp hair, and yanked Nagi's mouth up to Hikaru's tip before pushing him down. Hikaru groaned, one hand joining Sho's on the back of Nagi's head and the other clutching at Sho's hip.

Sho, personally, wasn't minding the teasing at all, since any movement of Hikaru's resulted in his ass rubbing directly against Sho's erection, especially once Nagi really got serious on the other side of Hikaru's hips. Hikaru's skin was hot, even through the cotton of his boxers, and, since Hikaru seemed to have the controlling Nagi's head situation well in hand, he let go of Nagi's hair and tugged Hikaru's boxers further out of the way.

"Sho!" Hikaru groaned when Sho's cock slid against bare skin, voice sweet and low. Sho buried his face against Hikaru's shoulders, hips rocking into Hikaru's, and thought that a little lube would be all it took for him to finish off just like this, especially when he could look down the flat line of Hikaru's belly and watch Nagi's lips work Hikaru's cock.

"Fuck that's hot," Sho said without thinking. Hikaru gave a breathless "Uh-huh," and Nagi flicked an amused glance up at the both of them without pausing in his work.

And then Hikaru said suddenly, "Wait, this isn't work! I can come whenever I want!" and Nagi nearly choked trying to keep from laughing while Hikaru did exactly that, the fingers on Sho's hips sinking in deep enough to probably leave marks and a satisfied moan spilling over his lips.

"And yet there's still a come shot," Nagi grumbled when he pulled his mouth away from Hikaru, wiping a smear off his cheek with the back of his hand. Pliant and lazy in Sho's arms, Hikaru shot Nagi a smug grin and a V.

"Don't get too smug," Sho warned, rolling his hips so that his cock slid along the curve of Hikaru's ass, and both of them shivered.

"Maa," Hikaru's voice was long-suffering as he rolled over, coming to rest with his grin hovering about an inch over Sho's flushed cock, "you really do think that's all I'm good for!"

"No, I…" Sho started, then his voice stuck in his throat as Hikaru flicked a tongue against his skin, "Nngh…" and then he just gave up talking entirely except for groans of Hikaru's name as Hikaru swallowed half of his cock as though he weren't even trying.

"The truth does hurt sometimes," Nagi counseled, rolling closer to snuggle up against Sho's side for the best view, his own cock bobbing as he shifted. "Not that Hikaru here looks as though he's not enjoying every second of it."

Sho made some noncommittal noise, using Nagi's shoulder to prop up his head so he could watch Hikaru's work, and reached over with the closest hand to wrap around Nagi's cock, humming at the pleasure of it's weight against his palm.

"How is it?" Nagi asked Sho, eyes bright with amusement, then laughed when Sho growled and squeezed his cock roughly.

"Hey, I've just remembered this isn't work," Sho teased back when he was close to the edge. Narrowing his eyes, Hikaru grazed Sho's cock with the sharp edge of a tooth, and Sho threw back his head and came for all he was worth, relishing every second of being surrounded by a warm mouth all the way to the end.

A hand wrapped around his, which had loosened during his orgasm, tightening it around Nagi's cock and coaxing it back into rhythm, and when Sho cracked an eye, he found Hikaru pillowing his cheek against Sho's hip and watching with interest the slide of their linked hands over Nagi's cock.

"Oh, you bastards are so cheap," Nagi complained, even as his hips were pushing off the bed to meet their hands. Hikaru and Sho shared a glance, then both pounced Nagi at once, rolling him onto his side and Sho hooking Nagi's knee over his shoulder so that he could get lips around his cock while Hikaru ran an inquisitive series of licks along the crack of Nagi's ass.

"And you're easy," Sho retorted after it took Nagi less than a minute to come with a sharp cry, hands knotted tight in Sho's hair. Hikaru gave a throaty "Un" of agreement, then casually rolled over Nagi's side so that he was again in the middle, all of them in a tangled sprawl.

"Go on then," Nagi said as Hikaru finished settling, Sho's arm around his waist and knees tangled with Nagi's. "Tell us how your idea was clearly the best idea ever."

"That wasn't my idea," Hikaru said, wrapping arms around Nagi's neck with a sharp grin, and suddenly his thigh was wedged in between Nagi's. "Mine'll last a lot longer."


"Ah, time for lunch!" Hikaru chirped, stretching his arms over his head so that his T-shirt ("GO CLUB GET DRUNK") rode up, baring a tanned strip of skin with one perfect bite mark just to the right of his navel. "Come on, you two! So slow!"

Sho and Nagi, who had just endured a half-hour of abuse from the director for the condition of their bodies, exchanged a dark look.

"Say, Sho-kun," Nagi said, "I'm starting to get an idea of my own."

"Perfect," Sho replied, reaching out to grab Hikaru by the back of the collar and shoving him into the closet they were passing with an undignified "Urk!"

Nagi grinned and waved at the door. "After you."

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…