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Like Watching The Third Season of Roswell

I wasn't going to say anything really about the deletion thing, mostly because I don't have anything to say that will make anybody feel any better. But since it's Pond, who I've known for a long, long time and is in every single one of my fandoms, even the fake one, it didn't think it was right to act like nothing happened.

It's a terrible shame, it's been handled poorly, and I think it's even more questionable since the post wasn't even on Pond's journal directly. More than anything, I'm sad I won't see Pond on my flist anymore. I think it is clear that they are trying to do things when fandom, or people in general, are distracted. Bad show, sixapart.

But the upshot is that I am permanent, and I'm not going anywhere. If you feel that you must go somewhere, that's your choice, and I'll miss you if you're somebody I watch. If something happens to this journal, I think it likely you will be able to find me. There's always AIM and the website.

Meanwhile, business as usual. We overslept through the morning sessions (oops), and now I think i might hit the pool before lunch. ^^V
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