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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Not Dead Yet

Sleep schedule = massively annoying. We passed out at about 9 last night (right in the middle of watching Premium Live, sorry Keita) and then of course I was awake at like 7 this morning. I can only sleep for so long!

Yesterday we tooled around a couple subway stops down and bought magazines and cds and stuff. I got the first press of We can make it! and also FINALLY own my very own copy of Sol-Fa, which turned out to include stickers! Yay Japan! and then we bumbled into an idol shop where i purchased a proper six-member KAT-TUN poster, vapid Jin, bwaful Changmin, and ageha-tanked-topped w-inds. pictures.

we came back to drop our stuff off and 'just take a little break' but we were so tired that in the end we just crawled back to the train station and had curry for dinner, and then went back to the room XD

also we found an apple store, which was fun, and realized after we got back and had been lost for ages, that the back of the store flier, which Tabs had in her pocket the whole time, had a map on it...

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