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fun with exclamation points

an Update on the soclosetobeingfinished!glamfic, which would be finished right now if it weren't for Sirius demanding smut at the end:

SocioFemme: how's the glitter?
Mousapelli: turns out there's going to be sex at the end
SocioFemme: really? awesome!
Mousapelli: stupid boys
Mousapelli: i want this story to be done so bad I'm freaking out
SocioFemme: rock bands! lusty!Remus!
Mousapelli: they hijacked my story
Mousapelli: i had already written the turning over and going to sleep, dammit, and then Sirius said "NO! I've had firewhiskey and REmus is still in those jeans! Clearly there's going to be sex!"
SocioFemme: clearly.
Mousapelli: me: *whines* "I've ALREADY written you a 30 page homage to your ass, isn't that ENOUGH?!"
Mousapelli: Sirius: "Sex. Period."
SocioFemme: and i bet he won't let you fade to black, either
Mousapelli: pfft, you've got to be kidding me
SocioFemme: hehe, didn't think so
Mousapelli: he claims there's already been one faux sex scene
and if I get him all worked up again without carthartic orgasming at the end, he's going to make me write more Fagrid.
SocioFemme: does he really have the clout to carry through with that threat?
Mousapelli: i wouldn't put it past him at this point
SocioFemme: I am, personally, all for the Remus/Sirius sex-having
Mousapelli: between him and unexpectedlycanon!Remus, i'm about to kick somebody's ass
SocioFemme: you can come over and kick my unexpectedlycanon!Snape's ass, if you want, he's being a right bastard, screaming, spittle, and all. i am NOT A FAN
Mousapelli: the next thing i write is going to involve every lupin cliche there is. there's going to be chocolate and bottoming and collars and mating for life...
SocioFemme: I am a big fan of the CLICHE!Lupin
SocioFemme: mmm, collars and superbottomy!Remus
Mousapelli: takemesirius!remus
Mousapelli: followed by suddenlywakesupfromdaydream!Remus, followed by professorwhyareyousmilinglikethat!Harry
SocioFemme: *loves*
Mousapelli: this was supposed to be fluff
Mousapelli: so...angry...with...boys....
SocioFemme: gah! uncooperative bastards!
Mousapelli: meanwhile, nononoYES!Remus is asking where Sirius' collar went
Mousapelli: and i'm like, he just took a shower for merlin's sake, there's no plausible reason for him to still have it on
Mousapelli: he's becoming insistent, says if he doesn't get leather, there's going to be angst
Mousapelli: Thankfully, busydownhere!Sirius' mouth is full so he can't put in his two cents for once
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