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What Day Is It Could You Please Tell Me

I am safe in San Jose, in the very comfy bed of swtjemz, but not sleeping. Because it is like 1 in the afternoon!

Again! Also it is Thursday. Again.

seriously, the only thing more confused than me at this point is likely my powerbook, which has had its timezones adjusted like 4342983 times in the last few weeks.

PS - the SS501 album is really damned good. fuck. cause I'll tell you if there's one thing I don't need it's more fucking hot koreans. Also i should stop calling them "Bizarro DBSK." And saying things like "I really like Bizarro Jaejoong's voice" and "Bizarro Yoochun has the best Engrish raps EVAR."

ETA: There is a Hyunjoong AND a Hyungjoon? Well, fuck that right in the ass.

also, seriously, Nobody knows where Backstage Summary comes from? Come on now, somebody has to know. Flist, don't make me report you for fail.
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