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Belated Thank You

I just realized that I completely never mentioned: elise_maxwell sent me a gold star for my profile! Thank you! It's really sweet.

in other news, my father called this morning, and then casually mentioned that my truck's inspection is going to be like a thousand dollars, again, because evidently the place we were taking it to, i.e. the dealership, wasn't doing any of the nonessential 25k/30k/40k maintenance, so I have a ton of the original parts still. I was too tired to really get the details, but it means I get to scrutinize the glovebox full of receipts that i have when I get home and still pay them some exorbitant amount in the end.

but then again, what else is new. This isn't anything like the $1100 I paid them to fix door hinges and the bumper (not covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty, btw) or the $600 brake bill a couple months ago.

Let me tell you how I am never getting a GMC/anything from Brenner ever again.
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