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Ya-Ya-Yah Eternal Birthday Confusion

It has come to my attention that my utter fail at birthday math has led to me spreading out Ya-Ya-Yah age misinformation. It's not heinously wrong, but since I am running the Revolushoon, THIS BRINGS SHAME TO MY FAMILY.

so Jemz helped me work it out:

ETA: Shoon's birthday fixed. Jemz has earned a FAILBETA.


in order of oldest to youngest:

Yamashita Shoon
Birthday: December 20, 1988
Age right now: 18
Will turn: 19 in December 2007

Yabu Kota
Birthday: January 31, 1990
Age right now: 17
Will turn: 18 in January 2008

Yaotome Hikaru
Birthday: December 2, 1990
Age right now: 16
Will turn: 17 in December 2007

Ayukawa Taiyo
Birthday: January 18, 1991
Age right now: 16
Will turn: 17 in January 2008

So Shoon and Yabu are basically only a year apart, and then Hikaru and Taiyo are a year younger than Yabu. Because of the Dec/Jan split, i thought Yabu was closer to the other two, and there was a larger split between Shoon and everybody else, but I was just thinking about birth years, not how late in the year people were born.

I also really really thought that Shoon turned 20 this year, as my brother was born in 87 and turns 21, but Shoon's super late birthday is what screwed everything up in my head. BUT THAT'S OKAY. it just means I can use this icon longer.
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