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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Stuck In Pimp Mode

So I have a stealth DBSK poster under my desk, which i can see if i am sitting my desk chair and kind of slouched down, contemplating life.

Today I revealed this fact to a co-worker and she wanted to see, so we crawled down under my desk to examine more closely the DBSK, and I spent literally an hour sitting cross-legged on the floor with this woman (who is probably ten years older than me) explaining about DBSK, w-inds., and j-things in general.

I JUST CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT THINGS. it's like Japan got me stuck in permanent 'ON' mode. And also, i think i might run a subscription of something through cdjapan, but i dunno what yet. Maybe Duet or Potato (i just like saying Potato), but then again all I will ever get is JE stuff then. Hmm. The super good posters come in things like B-PASS and Newsmaker, but I won't know most of the people in them, making their value for the money negligible. JIRENMA.

I bought a bunch of photo paper at staples the other day, so I'm going to print out the kis-my-ft2 poster that i really like but just happens to be on the back of the Ya-Ya-Yah poster, and probably a bunch of other scans, because I don't like exactoing my magazines! and all the stuff i want is always on the back of OTHER stuff i want! damn boys...
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