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I Made Onigiri! And Rice! SHOKKU!

I got onigiri directions from this site and the recipe for the marinade for the salmon from here, and decided to just give it a shot!

First of all, cooking rice for real? Is a huge fucking production. There's like rinsing and waiting and turning heat up and down, and oh god are we buying a rice cooker tomorrow, cause I ain't never doing that shit ever again.

But this does explain why up until now i have never, ever made successful rice.

I R Ballin
I R Ballin
after you smoosh the rice against your palm, you make a big dent or curl your hand so that you have a notch for the stuff to sit in. there's kind of a fine line between not enough filling and way too much, though.
Mouses Like Playing With Their Food
Mouses Like Playing With Their Food
Then you stick some more rice on top and smoosh it more! This was so my favorite part, because i am all about touching the food. my mom is like "STOP TOUCHING THE MEATLOAF SO MUCH" and i am like "nooooo i wanna squish it with my fingerssssss" and that is what onigiri is all about.
My Onigiri It Has Three Corners
My Onigiri It Has Three Corners
I so figured this out in like a try and a half. Finally! Something my pudgy little hands are perfect at! Squishing triangular balls of rice!

I Can Has Onigiri?
I Can Has Onigiri?

Just like mom used to make...i mean, like you bought it in the combini...

In conclusion: SO. GOOD. the salmon thing was totally awesome on its own, and in the rice balls with the crunchy nori, i really couldn't have done any better *PROUD*
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