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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Ya-Ya-Yah is Straddling the Corner Just In Case

So, we're having an overdecorated room contest, right?

The Hey!Say!7 poster is only temporary until Jemz mails me the rest of the Arashi stuff. DON'T JUDGE ME.

mmmm, Koreans. And w-inds. but the best part is definitely the "Who's Your Daddy?!" Star Wars poster.

You can even see my cowboy bebop wall scroll down the hall further.

We are destined to fail most egregiously, dattebaiyo...

No, i didn't forget that corner, a shelf is going there.

Am I winning yet?

Just a better shot of the NewS/KAT-TUN corner.

And the jailbait a side note, on the other side of that poster is a solo shot where Yuto is wearing a t-shirt which reads "Baroque and Gorgeous."

That's Andy Roddick under the window back there, and Arashi'll get moved back to the wall.

I really feel that Batman's expression says it all about this little corner right here.

Any other bands you'd like to break me with? Cause i think i have two square inches of space that aren't covered by jrs yet.
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