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Tell Me What's Your Secret

Because of the glory of the new DVD player, I am watching last week's Shounen Club on my TV and it LOOKS. SO. GOOD. IT's HUGE. There's like no distortion at all, and I can sort of read people's names and the karaoke at the buttom is super clear. I'M TOTALLY BURNING THESE OFF EVERY WEEK.

And then Jin came out to sing Pinky and I lost all sense of reality.

*EARRINGS. i have never noticed those before.

*SHORT HAIR SHOKKU. this show was the first time i saw it, and when Jin pulls his hat off and winks at you above the brim i am torn between "OH NOEZ" and "OH GOD" and "KYAAAAAAAAA."


*On the floor. how on earth does he make his body DO that?!

*"Do the shake your body, come and call about it. " JIN ILU SO HARD.

*fingerless gloves *___________*

*and then Jin is a total flake during his interview and spends most of his time poking at the inside of his cheek with his tongue and answering Nakamaru's questions with "huh?"

Also, Kisumai sings Yorokobi no Uta during the Mirai Medley ♥♥♥ (special note: at the very beginning, the only two groups who get introduced by member name are Y3 and Kisumai.)

ETA: So I don't have an mp3 of pinky. EH?! Does anybody have it on hand?
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