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Title: Wake Up Call [Kitayama/Fujigaya]
Rating/Warnings: R because microbeads really might be carcinogenic.
Summary: Fujigaya just wants some more sleep, but Kitayama is not putting up with that.
AN: For swtjemz because YOU WILL SO LEARN THEM NOW AHAHAHAHA. I'm draggin you all down with me, baby.

Wake Up Call


The voice in Fujigaya's ear made him snort and crack an eye open. It was still mostly dark in the room, but just light enough for Fujigaya to make out Kitayama's grin. Fujigaya let his eyes slip shut again.

"Mm, lemme sleep…" Fujigaya realized slowly that Kitayama was snuggled up close, limbs warm and bare against Fujigaya's under the blankets. "Mitsu…"

"Ne, do you really want to sleep?" Kitayama's fingers started to roam, tracing the bottom of Fujigaya's ribs. "Really~?"

Fujigaya rolled over, buried his face back in the pillow and gave a loud, fake snore. Kitayama laughed, then slid up close against Fujigaya's back, arm around his waist.

"Taipi~," he tried again, nuzzling the back of Fujigaya's neck.

"Oh my god!" groaned Yokoo from Fujigaya's other side. "Do you two even know what time it is?"

"No," Fujigaya mumbled, throwing an arm over his face. "Because I'm asleep."

"It's five-thirty in the morning!" Yokoo gave Fujigaya a kick. "We don't have to be up for another hour!"

"Don't kick me!" Fujigaya kicked back. "Kick him! I'm sleeping!"

"That means we have a whole hour, Tai-chan," Kitayama purred, skimming his fingers over Fujigaya's stomach, then lifting his hand to brush over Yokoo's as well. "Ne, you can play too, Wataru-tan…"

Yokoo gave Fujigaya another kick, then slid out of bed with his pillow. He whacked Fujigaya and Kitayama over the head with it, then grabbed the blanket and yanked it off the bed.

"I'm going out to the couch," he informed them. "And if one of you wakes me back up before that alarm goes off, I am going to make you eat this pillow one feather at a time!"

And with that, Yokoo stomped out of the room.

"Joke's on him," Kitayama said. "That pillow's made of microbeads."

"Hiromitsuuuuu," Fujigaya whined, rolling back over and curling up against Kitayama's chest. "He took my blanket!"

"That's okay." Kitayama used a finger to tilt Fujigaya's face up, his smile suddenly darker. "I'll keep you warm."

Fujigaya groaned as Kitayama slid over top of him, pressing their mouths together, but it quickly turned from a groan of protest to one of encouragement as Kitayama's skin warmed his own, and Kitayama stroked fingers through Fujigaya's sleep-wild hair.

"Hmm," Kitayama lifted his mouth to murmur just as Fujigaya's fingers began kneading the small of his back. "You seem more interested suddenly."

"Why are you so awake?" Fujigaya asked, voice plaintive. His nose was already cold, so he nuzzled Kitayama's throat with it and got a gasp in return. "Yokoo kept you up just as late as me."

"How can I sleep with two naked, gorgeous idols in my bed?" Kitayama used his grip on Fujigaya's hair to tilt his head to the side and gave the underside of his jaw a little nibble.

Fujigaya shuddered and felt Kitayama's grin against his skin. He let his eyes slip shut and dug his fingers deeper into the smooth muscles of Kitayama's back. "There's only one idol in your bed…"

"Perfect, makes it easy to concentrate," Kitayama replied, and then he kneed Fujigaya's thighs apart to settle in between them, rocking their hips together. "Good thing we didn't bother putting clothes back on last night, hmm?"

"Pervert," Fujigaya accused, breath hitching. Kitayama worked a hand under Fujigaya's thigh to lift it, and Fujigaya winced, burying his face in Kitayama's neck.

"Taisuke?" Kitayama asked, stilling immediately.

"It's okay." Fujigaya's voice was muffled against Kitayama's skin, hands tight on Kitayama's back. "I'm a little stiff, that's all."

"Ah, I'm sorry!" Kitayama went from tugging on Fujigaya's thigh to rubbing it in gentle circles, letting the heat from his hand work into the muscle. "We have dance practice this morning too! I'll tell Wataru not to be so energetic."

"Don’t worry about it," Fujigaya assured him, loosening his grip on Kitayama enough to kiss him softly, a soothing brush of his lips against Kitayama's. "That feels really good."

"We should be taking care of each other," Kitayama pulled back to inspect Fujigaya's expression, apparently not mollified quite so easily. "We're not KAT-TUN, after all."

"Wataru took very, very good care of me." Fujigaya kept his innocent expression in place until Kitayama laughed, and then he let it relax into a grin. "I just need to stretch, I'll be fine."

"Sure you will." Kitayama rolled his eyes, already shifting his weight to climb off Fujigaya. "Just like Tama-chan last week?"

"Tamamori is Tamamori," Fujigaya said, interrupting by wrapping his legs around Kitayama's waist. He swallowed his momentary grimace and gave Kitayama a challenging glare. "See? All stretched out. You did wake me up early, after all, so it's up to you to take responsibility, Kitayama-senpai."

"Who taught you to talk like that?" Kitayama asked, bending his head to try and kiss the smirk off Fujigaya's lips. "What a mouth!" He kissed Fujigaya again when the first one didn't take. "I didn't have a mouth like that when I was a junior…"

"You're still a junior!" Fujigaya laughed, chasing Kitayama's mouth when he pulled away to speak, moving his arms to wrap around Kitayama's neck and pull him back down for another lazy kiss.

"Ahhh," Kitayama said thoughtfully, dodging Fujigaya's kisses and nipping his nose, cheekbone, and anywhere else he could reach. "That explains why I've still got the kind of mouth to tell you that I'm going to wrap my hand around your cock and stroke you until you come all over yourself, and after that I might come all over you as well."

"Hiromitsu!" Fujigaya moaned and arched to rub against Kitayama harder, feeling his cheeks heat in spite of his previous bravado.

"And that's why I'm the senpai." Kitayama's grin was smug as he kissed one of Fujigaya's hot cheeks and ground down against him. "You're so cute when you blush, Taipi. Let's see if I can make it darker…"

Kitayama braced himself with one elbow and worked a hand in between them to wrap around Fujigaya's cock, giving it a rough stroke and grinning even harder at Fujigaya's answering moan.

"Not so loud," he murmured, nipping Fujigaya's earlobe. "If you wake up Wataru, who knows what he'll come in here and do."

"He'll do it to you," Fujigaya managed in between gasps for air. "And I'll watch every second of it and laugh, because I'm completely innocent!"

"As if Wataru cares who's innocent," Kitayama scoffed, running his thumb over the tip of Fujigaya's cock to spread around the wetness he found there. "Or doesn't know exactly how innocent you are."

"He'll get to you first because you're on top. My ass is nice and safe in the mattress…oh!" Fujigaya broke off suddenly, fingers clutching convulsively at Kitayama's shoulders. "Mitsu, don't stop…"

"Of course I won't." Kitayama rubbed his nose against Fujigaya's. "Come on, come for me. I want to see you let go, Taisuke, want to feel you shake."

"Mitsu!" Fujigaya shuddered and came, heat blossoming over Kitayama's hand and onto his stomach. He buried his face against Kitayama's shoulder, taking heaving gulps of air while he shivered himself out, hands clenching when Kitayama ran his hand up Fujigaya's length a few more times.

"Just like that," Kitayama soothed, nuzzling his cheek against Fujigaya's. "Told you I'd warm you up."

"Quit stalling," Fujigaya ordered, voice rough, but he was picking back up the rhythm that Kitayama had started. "My legs are getting tired, and maybe if you hurry up I can get back to sleep for a few minutes."

"You're an ungrateful brat, you know that?" Kitayama laughed, switching his hand from Fujigaya's cock to his own, groaning at the slickness. "Maybe I'll take however much time I want."

"Maybe I'll show you exactly what my mouth is for." Fujigaya rolled them over suddenly and knocked Kitayama's hand out of the way, then wriggled down far enough to swallow the first four inches of Kitayama's cock without hesitation. Fujigaya moaned at the taste of himself smeared over Kitayama's skin, and the tug of Kitayama burying his hands in Fujigaya's hair.

"I know who taught you that," Kitayama teased between groans, working his fingers against Fujigaya's scalp and grinning at the way Fujigaya's hair was spiking from the come still on his palm.

"That so?" Fujigaya lifted his head to ask, lips red and wet. He ran his tongue over them and smirked. "Then do you know who taught me this?"

He lowered his head and swallowed a good deal more than four inches this time, and Kitayama threw his head back against the pillow and moaned Fujigaya's name for all he was worth as he came against the coaxing heat of Fujigaya's mouth.

"Who exactly did teach you that?" Kitayama panted when he could talk again, still lying in a limp heap against the pillows. His one hand was still buried in Fujigaya's hair, stroking the stiffening strands lazily.

Fujigaya was trying to doze with his cheek pillowed on Kitayama's stomach, fingers curling against the warm skin as Kitayama scratched his scalp. "Not telling."

Just then the domestic bliss was interrupted when the door burst open and Yokoo stormed in, holding out his pillow in front of him and yelling, "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THIS?"

Fujigaya had just enough time to note that the clock read 6:25 before Kitayama threw him in front like a human shield and Yokoo descended upon them like a hurricane with no pants.


"What happened to you?" Senga wanted to know when Kitayama and Fujigaya dragged themselves into practice. Kitayama and Fujigaya shot dirty looks at Yokoo, which Yokoo summarily ignored from behind his overpriced sunglasses as he took another slurp of his canned espresso.

"See, it isn't always me," Tamamori said to Miyata, elbowing him, and Miyata elbowed him right back, rolling his eyes.

"What isn't always you?" Senga asked, looking even more perplexed, and Nikaido put a hand on his shoulder to draw him over to the side for an enlightening chat. Yokoo eyed them over the rim of his sunglasses.

"It isn't always me, right?" Tamamori asked Kitayama. Kitayama fixed him with a stony glare.

"Does anybody know if microbeads are carcinogenic?" Fujigaya asked.

Yokoo just smirked.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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