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Title: Returning the Favor [Jun/Aiba]
Rating/Warnings: R for taking advantage of a half-drugged Aiba.
Summary: Aiba wakes up in the middle of the night, and Jun doesn't read much of his script.
AN: Finally! I was starting to lose hope that this was every going to get finished...

Returning the Favor

Jun was still up, hair clipped back and reading glasses on, when Aiba gave a tiny cough. It was barely a cough really, more like Aiba's body was trying to clear its throat without waking itself up.

Jun paused, halfway through turning a page in his drama script, and looked down. For another second, the Aiba-shaped lump in the blankets was perfectly still, and then there was another, much more cough-like cough, and Aiba stirred with a little groan.

"Sit up," Jun said, reaching out to shake Aiba's shoulder, and Aiba's head appeared out from under the blankets, hair sticking up in all directions. He coughed again several times as he hauled himself up to a sitting position.

"Was sleeping," he whined, voice sounding thick, and Jun rubbed Aiba's back when he tried to swallow the congestion out of his throat and just coughed some more. Aiba rubbed at his eyes. "Allergies."

Looking over at the open window on the other side of the bed, Jun cursed. "I forgot to close it. Sorry, Aiba-chan." Jun tossed the script aside and climbed out of bed to close it. "I'll turn on the aircon. Do you want a drink?"

"I'll go, I should take something." Aiba yawned, shot a longing glance at the dent in his pillow, then crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom, one hand touching the wall lightly as if to help keep him steady.

Finally locating his aircon remote on his dresser underneath a box of barrettes (a present from Ohno: "Ne, won't the sparkly frogs look cute on Jun, Aiba-chan?"), Jun flipped it on, diddled around with the level of air flow for a minute and wondered if it was time to have the filters changed yet.

He should do it anyway, Jun decided as he got back into bed, with the way that Aiba's hay fever was. He'd take care of it tomorrow, just to be safe.

"Could hear you worrying in the other room," Aiba said, shuffling back in and flopping back down on the bed, spreading himself out in a sprawl of limbs. He eyed the way Jun's hand was heading back towards the script, and knocked it off the bed with a sharp kick. "Oops."

"Aiba-chan," Jun admonished, but he reached to brush knuckles over Aiba's grin rather than retrieving the script. "And who else is going to worry about your stupid, bleached head?"

"Didn't say I didn't like it." Aiba's grin softened into a smile as he grabbed Jun's hand to keep it close enough to rub his cheek against Jun's palm. "Jun-chan always looks after me."

"Damn right Jun-chan does," Jun said, rolling over to put an elbow on either side of Aiba's shoulders. He smiled indulgently when Aiba bumped their foreheads together, using the skin-on-skin contact to see if Aiba was too warm. "Are you coming down with something?"

"Noooo," Aiba whined, trying to glare at Jun, but really it just made his eyes cross, and his body gave the little wriggle underneath Jun's that meant he was secretly pleased. "I'm okay, I found some anti-histamine in your cabinet. You don't mind, do you?"

"You mean the ones marked 'for Aiba-chan' with a neon pink heart sticky?" Jun raised an eyebrow and got another wriggle. "Don't ask stupid questions. You're going to be out like a light in about fifteen minutes."

"Should make them count," Aiba suggested, wrapping one arm tight around Jun's waist and tracing the bumps of Jun's spine with his other hand.

Jun covered Aiba's mouth with his own instead of answering, letting his weight settle more firmly on Aiba, and giving a pleased hum when Aiba started a tiny, rocking rhythm against Jun's thigh. Aiba hummed back, teasing Jun's tongue with his own until Jun gave a warning nip to Aiba's bottom lip.

"Well hurry up then," Aiba pulled his mouth just far enough away to mumble. Jun's eyes narrowed, and then he ground down against Aiba in earnest, swallowing Aiba's moan and grinning into the kiss when Aiba's whole body shivered underneath him.

When Jun lifted his head, Aiba's cheeks were pink and his eyes were starting to glaze, but he was running his tongue along the edge of his bottom lip and staring at Jun's mouth. "Ne, you want my mouth, Aiba-chan?"

"Jun…" Aiba groaned, tilting his head back against the pillow, which wasn't an answer, except it sort of was, and Jun was already sliding down Aiba's body, rubbing his cheek against Aiba's stomach and pushing his boxers out of the way.

"I wonder if you taste as good as you feel," Jun mused, making his voice curious and innocent, as if he had no idea that his words were making Aiba remember every other time Jun had investigated the theory, making him shiver. "So soft." Jun splayed a hand over Aiba's belly, brushing the skin with the pads of his fingers and palm. "So warm."

"Fifteen minutes," Aiba reminded, the fine tremble in his voice the same as the one that was shifting the skin under Jun's cheek.

"Yes, yes." Jun gave the skin of Aiba's belly a last nuzzle, darting his tongue out to make Aiba squeak, then moved his hand down to palm Aiba's hip and bent his head to brush his lips over the tip of Aiba's cock.

Aiba's hands wound into Jun's hair, fingers twisted tight in the strands, and Jun tried to hide his shiver of pleasure by rocking his own hardening cock against Aiba's thigh and parting his lips to let the first two inches of Aiba into his mouth.

"Jun," Aiba started a low chant of Jun's name, voice beginning to slur both with want and over-the-counter drugs, "Jun, Jun," but either way Jun never tired of hearing it, never tired of working for it. It didn't matter that Aiba was almost sure to pass out before he returned the favor for Jun, so long as he made Jun's name sound like that, desperate and wanted and sweet.

Jun let his hands roam Aiba's skin, skimming over his stomach and brushing the bottom of his ribs, stroking his sides until Aiba was shivering from the touch, nails digging into Jun's scalp. Jun dared a glance up to find Aiba's gaze focused on him, pupils wide and locked onto the slide of Jun's mouth over him, the heat in Aiba's eyes despite the way they were starting to glaze making Jun's breath catch.

"Jun, please," Aiba begged, and his next breath was a ragged sob as his whole body curled up against Jun's weight and he gave into his orgasm, too far back in Jun's throat for him to taste it. Jun felt it though, the pulse of it flickering across his tongue where it was pressed against the vein on the underside of Aiba's cock.

"So good," Jun soothed when he pulled his mouth off of Aiba, "so sweet," and Aiba preened groggily under the attention as Jun scatted a lazy line of kisses up Aiba's chest on his way up to lie beside Aiba.

"Hurry up." Aiba wrapped a loose hand around Jun's cock, bumping Jun's shoulder with his cheek, "Gonna fall asleep."

"Go ahead," Jun urged, wrapping an arm around Aiba's shoulders and burying his face in the soft waves of hair tucked behind Aiba's ear. He put his other hand on top of Aiba's, squeezing both of their hands tighter around his own cock. "I can take care of myself."

"Not fair," Aiba tried to protest, but his grip was already going slack, and his hand was limp when Jun simply pushed it out of the way and wrapped his own hand back tight around himself.

Not that it took long, with Jun's lips still tasting of Aiba's skin and his nose pressed against Aiba's hair, not with Aiba's body warm with sleep up against his own. Jun curled away from Aiba to keep from spattering him and bit down on his lower lip so he wouldn't wake him back up right away.

He used a corner of the sheet to clean himself off and pulled it over both of them; Aiba rolled back against him as soon as Jun got close.

"You moron," Jun murmured, moving Aiba's hands around so they were tucked in between the two of them and Aiba wouldn't wake up with them dead asleep, then running a hand through Aiba's hair before laying his arm across Aiba's waist.

Jun watched the part of Aiba's lips as he breathed through his mouth, steady and slow, until his own eyes got so heavy he couldn’t keep them open any more.

When Jun woke up hours later, confused and with warm hands roaming his skin, Aiba's mouth was otherwise occupied.

"You're awake!" Aiba chirped, and Jun lifted his head just enough to peer down at him blearily. Aiba was sprawled over Jun's thighs, running the tip of his tongue over his lips and grinning like Takki-senpai at a Shounen Club filming. "I'm returning the favor."

And Jun made sure to do the same when he said Aiba's name, desperate and wanted and sweet.

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