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I Haf Brokin Teh Interwebz

So i caved and ordered the internet, finally. It took some finagling to force the internet to admit that yes, i could get something from comcast that was not the stupid triple play, and no, it is not reasonable to pay some ridiculous sum of money after the first year is up.

Now I need to order a wireless router. Again. I'm just so damned *tired* that everything is suddenly irritating (in particular the part where I'm back at my parents' again because you have to HAVE the internet to GET the internet. Thanks, comcast.).

And this is apparently self-install? That's never happened before. Skeptical mouse is skeptical.

Anyway, so I might not be around much over the next few days or so if my neighbor's internet (whichever neighbor it is) remains non-functional.

Also, I'm a little confused about why the Jun/Aiba fic has way fewer comments than the Kis-My-Ft2 fic. That's incredibly wrong, guys. You should get on that.
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