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this is like a tradition or something

for the second time, i woke up with a drabble fully formed mentally. i'm starting to think my brain gets bored when I sleep in. some achy Remus/Sirius/Harry (the GEN kind, thanks very much, haven't crossed that line yet):

Never Howled at the Moon

Remus never howled at the moon.

Sirius used to, usually to tease Remus, and once or twice to hurt him, but Remus had never joined in.

It was Harry who started the tradition. Remus had found him on the roof of Grimmauld Place, and they sat together in the freezing pre-dawn autumn air, waiting for Orion to rise, be halfway up, the whole way, and then just… a little… more…

Harry started it, a heartbreaking wail, echoing eerily wild in the sleeping suburbs that surrounded Order Headquarters.

Remus never howled at the moon. But with Harry he howled at Sirius.
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