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Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Bound By The Red Thread

Title: Bound By The Red Thread [Fujigaya/Kitayama]
Rating/Warnings: R for possessive handjobs.
Summary: Fujigaya doesn't appreciate the interest Jin is showing in Kitayama.
AN: Based on the 9/2 Shounen Club where Jin sings Pinky, which is hotter than hell, and Kitayama spends the final song giggling at Jin's utter ineptitude. Omg, JE, leave my jr groups alone. For swtjemz because SHE LOVES HER THE JRS.

Bound By The Red Thread

Akanishi Jin sure was a character, Kitayama Hiromitsu thought to himself as he headed back to Kis-My-Ft2's ready room, swinging his roller skates in one hand. He was walking alone, watching the way his long coat swished and humming "Pinky" to himself as he thought, pleased with the way the Shounen Club filming had turned out.

He wondered if they'd ever find out what Jin had done for real to get sent away for so long, and what he had done there that he forgot all the words and dances to silly junior songs like "Burn It Up."

He was still wondering, and comparing the flaring edge of his coat to a fractal, when a hand shot out of the dressing room doorway, grabbed Kitayama by the sparkly collar, and yanked him inside.

He found himself face-to-face with a very thin-lipped Fujigaya Taisuke.

"Taisuke!" Kitayama tried smiling and letting his hair fall in his eyes, which usually worked pretty well, but in this particular instance, Fujigaya's lips pressed together even more tightly, and then he used his free hand to slam the door shut.

He didn't let go of Kitayama's collar.

"So," Fujigaya said, "you and Akanishi-kun looked pretty cozy."

"Eh?" Kitayama blinked. "Jin-kun? You know I was just thinking…"

"I bet you were," Fujigaya snarled, and then Kitayama's breath caught as Fujigaya shoved him up against the door, both hands now tight on Kitayama's collar. The force of the impact knocked Kitayama's skates out of his hand, and they hit the floor with a clatter.

"Taisuke?" Kitayama asked, trying not to squirm under Fujigaya's glare. "What's the matter?"

"He thinks you're cute, you know." Fujigaya's gaze was sharp and cold. "I heard him telling Nakamaru-kun. But then again, I would have known anyway, the way he was looking at you."

"How…" Kitayama swallowed. "How was he looking at me?"

"Like you were something sweet and rich, like he couldn't wait to lick you off his thumb." Fujigaya's words made Kitayama shiver, the fabric of his coat shifting loudly against the door. "But you know that, don't you? You could hardly miss it, since you couldn't take your eyes off him the whole show. I saw you, you know, in the wing during Pinky, watching. You looked like your eyes were about to fall out of your head."

"It's a hot song!" Kitayama protested. "You like that song!"

"And then during the finale, the two of you giggling and making eyes at each other…" Something besides anger was lurking behind Fujigaya's glare, and all at once Kitayama finally caught on.

"You're jealous!" he blurted, and Fujigaya froze for a second, two spots of pink covering his cheekbones.

"Forget it," he said, letting go of Kitayama and turning away, but Kitayama reached out and caught at his wrist.

He wasn't prepared for Fujigaya to whirl back around and shove his shoulders against the door again, covering Kitayama's mouth in a rough, biting kiss.

Kitayama gasped, then shivered when Fujigaya immediately took the opening to sweep his tongue through Kitayama's mouth, his hands already work their way under the layers of Kitayama's costume.

"Ta-taisuke!" Kitayama protested, trying to pull back enough to breathe, but his head banged into the door and he only had a split second before Fujigaya's mouth was on his again, sucking away all the air until Kitayama was dizzy from it.

"What's he need you for?" Fujigaya growled when he pulled back enough to rake a glare over Kitayama. Kitayama, lips stinging and chest heaving, gave a tiny shake of his head. "He's got his own band! You're ours!"

"O-of course I am," Kitayama managed, trying to pull his wits together enough to even figure out whether he wanted Fujigaya to calm down or not. "Taisuke…"

But he didn't get to finish his sentence, because Fujigaya was kissing him again, and then suddenly his hands were on Kitayama's bare stomach, splaying wide to clutch at skin from his ribs to his navel. Kitayama gave a low moan, fingers tightening in Fujigaya's shirt.

Fujigaya licked his lower lip, taking quick, unsteady breaths, eyes dark and digging into Kitayama's skin. "He doesn't need you. I…" Fujigaya seemed to catch himself with a hitched breath. "We need you."

"I…" I know, Kitayama had been trying to say, but Fujigaya had shoved his hand under Kitayama's waistband without bothering to undo the zipper and wrapped his fingers tight around Kitayama's cock.

Kitayama gasped and jerked under the touch, banging the back of his head against the door again, but he couldn't tear his gaze away from Fujigaya's. Fujigaya's eyes were narrow and sharp.

"You haven't been eating again," he growled, giving Kitayama a squeeze, and they both shivered when Kitayama moaned. "You can't be trusted on your own, can you?"

"Taisuke…" Kitayama forced his fingers to unwrap from Fujigaya's shirt and moved them up to the back of his head instead, sliding his fingers into the gel-stiff strands of hair that were sticking straight up there. He tugged hard enough to make Fujigaya move against him, but it wasn't enough to distract Fujigaya from the rough slide of his hand over Kitayama's cock.

"Can't be trusted," Fujigaya repeated, leaning closer to hover his mouth over Kitayama's, snatching open-mouthed kisses in between his own words and Kitayama's gasps for air. "I'm gonna show you how much you need me."

"Show me." Kitayama ignored Fujigaya's slip, waiting just until he saw Fujigaya's eyes widen in surprise before letting his eyes slip shut and thrusting into Fujigaya's hand. "Please, Taisuke…"

His knees threatened to buckle as he spilled over Fujigaya's hand, but Fujigaya's body was keeping him pressed against the door, and Kitayama slumped against his chest gratefully, snuggling while he shivered and loosening his grip on Fujigaya's hair to wrap his arms around Fujigaya's shoulders.

Fujigaya shifted after a few seconds, his hand still trapped awkwardly between them, and Kitayama pulled away to press his back against the door, and tugged Fujigaya's hand free with his own fingers looped around Fujigaya's wrist.

Fujigaya's eyes went wide when Kitayama tugged their hands up to his lips and licked Fujigaya's index finger clean in a slow swipe.

"Of course I'm yours," he said, smiling when Fujigaya's Adam's apple bobbed, and licked another finger clean. "Of course I need you." Another finger, and Fujigaya's hand was starting to shake by the time Kitayama finished with a curl of his tongue against Fujigaya's palm.

He pulled Fujigaya close, dropping his hands to hook in Fujigaya's belt loops and pull their hips snug together, Fujigaya hard against him. It was too early for Kitayama to even think about going again, but the rub of Fujigaya against him sent a frisson of heat up his spine, making him rub his cheek like a cat against the V of skin Fujigaya's shirt was baring.

"Ne, Taisuke," he said, darting his tongue out to taste the hollow of Fujigaya's throat, "you gonna take me home so you can show me how much I need you?"

"I…" A blush covered Fujigaya's cheeks, and he began to pull away, but Kitayama lifted his head and kissed him, firm and sure.

"Come on," he murmured when he was certain Fujigaya wouldn't bolt, voice soft and riding the line between speaking and singing, "tell me what's your secret…"

"Jackass," Fujigaya retorted, but he let Kitayama chase his lips for another kiss, then answered, "Make a promise with me, baby…"

Grinning, Kitayama whispered in Fujigaya's ear that once they were home, he'd promise anything Fujigaya wanted.
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