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RE: The New JE Unit Announcement

Several points:

1. Fuck.

2. FUCK.

3. I cheated and checked the Littlix forums at work early this morning, and sure enough, it was up! And I nearly started to cry at my desk. Now, most of that was indeed PMS, but still. Causing Y3-breakup-fear for a band with a 12-year-old? are you SERIOUS?

4. Only Kisumai remains unscathed. OH THE IRONY.

5. There's no hard proof one way or the other about permanence. Personally I'm hoping they aren't (jesus christ, that NAME!) but i think whether or not Y3 continues activities as usual will be a deciding factor, because I'd support HS-whateverthefuck all day long if Ya-Ya-Yah was still doing business as usual.

6. So because i didn't get to have my crying PMS tantrum, now that I have to leave for my parents' in five minutes? I scroll past the official graphic and start to bawl.

7. they broke up the other brother set, too. HAVE YOU NO SHAME, JOHNNY? I defended you! I told Marks just this weekend that sacrifices had to be made for order to accomplish JE, but YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME.

8. I really, seriously think that somehow this is punishment for refusing to like Super Junior. dear Korea: Japan is already reading me. GET LOST.

9. Why on earth would you leave one of the names the same as the other HS? If it'd been the same membership, i would understand, but what the HELL? Isn't this confusing enough?!

10. nobody knows this comment's name FUCK FUCK FUCK
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