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Geneon, You Fail Too

okay, whatever is up with this week really really needs to stop.

No news on the HSWTF/Y3 front, but the Johnny's web page updated to reflect the upcoming activities, and Ya-Ya-Yah is still listed as a group in the sidebar, so that's a good sign. However, there is also a rumor that Koyama and Nakamaru might be finishing up their tenure as SC hosts so that some HS folk can take over.

Not. Happy.

on the other hand, Geneon is going belly-up, with the immediate result that all projects they were working on are stopped dead. This, of course, means KKM, which is two dvds from the end. GRRRRR. Also Fate/Stay Night.


I want to write something, anything, emo or otherwise, but I feel like I just can't break out of my own grumpiness with everything. PMS did not used to last this long! motherfucker.
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