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Myojo 2007/11, Jin's Sexy

and then I stay up doing something totally random.

Jin's Article from the 11/07 Myojo about His Sexy, with a very Mousie-esque translation, and oh i use the word very loosely (Kanji text from here.)

Sekushii to ka iroke to ka ero to ka…chigai mo wa kannai shi, nna koto kangaeta koto mo nai.
"Sexy" and "sexiness" and "ero"…I don't think there's much difference, nn, I haven't thought about it.

Jibun no sekushii sa ni tsuite, guda guda kangaeteru otoko tte douka to omou shi.
Thinking about one's own "sexy", I don't know what i think about guys who do that too much.

Douka shiteru shi.
There's something going on there [ie, something not quite right about that].

Sekushii tte, tada sono shunkan ni kanjiru mono nan ja nai no?
And so "sexy" is something you feel in that instant, isn't it?

Ore ga kanjiru sekushii wa anjeriina – jorii, neoki no kedarui kanji, chuu tsuru shunkan no onna no kono no kao, ijou!
As for me, "sexy" feels like Angelina Jolie, a languid feeling of "just getting out of bed", a face of a kind of woman that you'd kiss in an instant, and that's that!

"o…ii, ne" tte kanjite, doki tto saserarete, sore de ii desho.
Feeling "Wow…it's good, isn't it?", and making [you] go dokidoki, I'm fine with that.

Kihon, onna no ko ni shika sekushii wa kanjinai kara, ore.
Basically, I don't feel "sexy" from anything besides women, myself.

Tsuuka otoko ni kanjite doutsun no?
How should I say it, I feel like "what's the good of it, for a guy?"

Otoko no iroke nante kanjita koto mo naishi, kanji takunai…
I've never felt something like "that guy's sexy" before, I don't want that kind of feeling…

N, kanben shite kudasai.
Ugh, give me a break! [have some mercy, please]

Sekushii wa onno ko kagi gentei de.
"Sexy" is limited only to girls.

Heh, i'm up for any help you have. mark356, you know i'd love you to death, but don't feel obligated. I won't be hurt if you just point and laugh. you're totally my hero.

eta: Jin kills me. "I'm straight! I like girls! I swear!"
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