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Kisumai in Pajamas Are Coming Down In Pairs

Okay, Senga, let's make a deal.

You stop being 16 while you look ridiculously fucking hot and adorable at the same time, and I'll...

...okay, I'll go on doing exactly what I'm doing right now, which is to perv upon you ridiculously, BUT IT WILL BE LEGAL THEN, OKAY?!

my jailbait shame, let me show you it.

Meanwhile, since I've outed all you Coat West people, does anybody know the names of the guys in Powder Snow? I know Sho, Hikaru, and Nagi, but then there are other people I've never seen before, like Pierced Guy With Short Fuzzy Hair, and his boyfriend Long Uke Hair But Totally Seme As It Turns Out. Also, there is one guy who is exactly like Shoon, if Shoon were in porn. that I didn't write.

I am interested in particular in Porn Shoon's name, as he turned out to like Nagi! Which nobody ever does! And Nagi was all glowy from the attention, so thumbs up for that!

Ten points to your house if you know where my subject line is from.
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