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Happy Moe day!

My J-list email informs me that October 10th is "Moe no Hi" in Japan, or Moe day! As Peter explains:

"October 10 is is Moe no Hi, the day to celebrate the Japanese concept of "moe" (pronounced mo-EH), which is a slang term that essentially describes the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when looking at your favorite anime or dating-sim game character...The reason today is Moe Day is rather silly -- it's the 10th day of the 10th month, and when you line up the kanji for 'ten' above the characters for 'day' and 'month' you get a largeversion of the moe kanji."

So, to celebrate, I give you the Mousapelli top ten list of moe:

1. Ya-Ya-yah as manga characters. SO CUTE. Shoon looks like Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Hikaru is blond wtf, LOL.

2. Taka from ONE OK ROCK. Fuzzy hair! Nail polish! Emo! JE needs to fire people more often, if this is the result.

3. Plastic Tree's Ryutarou. EMOOOOOOO. With his straight little hair cut and also nail polish, and his habit of spending his PVs standing right in the middle of crazyness simply singing without moving, just a vague expression of puzzlement over why he is surrounded by insanity.

Remember, MOE is just EMO spelled cuter.

4. Hikaru and Sho in yukata, in that moment before anything sexual has even happened, but clearly about to rip each other's clothes off and make out like teenagers. Anybody can have porn. Coat West has the moe.

5. Arashi. What can i say about you? Are you adorable? Yes. Do you dance like dorks? yes. But best of all, do you love each other more than anything? YES. And do you like to do so explicitly during your PVs where i can watch you? MOE~

6. Kitayama inna box. MO. E.

7. Dancer. Singer. Actor. Boob. Akanishi Jin does it all, and he does it cuter and sexier and stupider than anybody else on the planet. ILUSM, JIN.

8. Once in a while I look at a picture and ask myself "Is DBSK really doing what I think they are?" And the answer to that question is always yes. Yes, they are hugging each other from behind. Yes, they are kissing on a televised radio show. Yes, they are making Yunho and Jaejoong playact a wedding.

Yes, they are ridiculously moe.

9. Toma and Shunsuke earn a special place on this place, since their drama characters Box and Page introduced me to the word moe in the first place, during Akihabara@DEEP. Best friends, idols, dorks, with the added pathos of being undebuted and from the tragic ex-group 4Tops. I WANT TO HUG THEM. MOE.

10. w-inds. The moe that started it all. Sometimes even now I see a picture of them that makes my heart squeeze with so much love I don't know how my body can contain it. And seeing them live? Might as well be the answer to the question "What is moe?"

Who/what fills you with moe? PUT THEM IN MY COMMENTS!
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