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You Are My Sunshine And, You Are My Soul Soul

I had an emo post about how much i hate going out with people i don't know to drink at a club, and how i shot my entire saturday to hell in that process, but it's not worth it.

ps, I actually liked the cement mixer. But I got lime whatever it is aaaaall down one of my favorite shirts, and I didn't even get to be drunk out of it. god I hate me sometimes.

pps, How the hell can you drink a car bomb, two shots of things which i didn't recognize, two test tubes of things I didn't recognize, and then a cement mixer, all in the space of 20 minutes, and not be drunk? BODY, NORMAL BEHAVIOR, LET ME SHOW YOU IT.

I am off to the parents to do laundry and hopefully buy some family members birthday presents, because we have the 3-person birthday party tomorrow, and I didn't get to see my brother at all yesterday who came home from college.

But Arashi's Sketch always cheers me up.
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