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Random Shokura Blather

Thoughts as I have them about the 10/14 Shokura:


...."KISS MY FOOT........TWO." It kills me when even they look embarrassed.

2. No intro for JJ Express again, and this time it's all band names, and HS and Y3 and everybody else is like normal. And the theme is TEAM and everything. You know, i don't want to rub anybody's face in their pain or whatever, but i'm taking a lot of comfort in the fact that Y3 is still like normal, and in contrast here is an example of how things could be worse.


4. I love Itoshi no Playgirl. LOVE.

5. Um. That's JJExpress doing a song, right? But not getting named? That really sucks. I mean, I don't like them, but ouch, this is even worse than last week.

6. ABC + Question? = BEST THING EVER. GOD. You know, I don't usually dig the group merges, but THIS. this could work! God they are all so hot. AND TOTTSU. SCRUNCH YOUR NOSE AT ME, BABY.

7. CHINEN. BABY. ILU. Because i dunno what you said to Yamada, but it got a huge BL "KYAAA" out of the audience, and Yamada answerd with "BOKU MO URESHII DESU." These letters are honestly the cutest thing. And Yuto's voice just cracked. AWWWWWWWWW.

8. I like Fatalism a lot. I hope that being in the big group means that the original HS7 gets to perform together sometimes too, because I think they have a really good combination. Also, i'm puzzled because it really looks like they are previewing the new HS7 here, but with both morimotos in. It looked like that last week too. I wonder if something happened that they decided against the littler one at the last second?

9. Who the hell is that next group supposed to be? I can't tell these damn people apart.

10. An interview with Question? Omoshiroi! The permed one scares me. But i like the one who looks like he's trying to imitate Kitayama. Also they seemed to have just called themselves a "PINK group." Wtf does that mean?

Beautiful Mind is gorgeous. Although i am sort of sad that the instruments means they can't dance. See, this is why they should merge with ABC! I have totally stumbled on the perfect solution.

*still watching* I need an mp3 of this right the hell now. *__________________*

10. TakkiTsuba Intro Don~! lol, i cracked up at just the title. Kawai is such. a. tool. Sometimes i wonder if the others get sick of these type of games since it's really the Kawai Show.

JANKEN. LMAO. YABU. your little scream of outrage has warmed my heart.

Senga, you are so cute i want to vomit. And Fujigaya!!! Apparently you are teaching the kouhai excellently. *still laughing five songs later* SENGA STOP. PLEASE. I CANNOT TAKE YOUR CUTE. And your saunter. and your NEVER EVER RIGHT.

FUJIGAYA'S TEAM. this is like the second funniest game i have ever seen, with the exception of only the Bouken-Oh one. And then Yabu's team is EVEN WORSE. I love you, jrs. so much. PS-not only am i sure that Takki is plotting exactly what he will do to Senga later, i'm starting to think that Senga is asking him explicitly to do it ("Like a dessert, Takki-senpai. Bring the whipped cream. And a tiny fork.").

11. Takki is so good at being on SC, and Tsubasa always just looks lost. I can't imagine these two being separate solo artists. Also, I love that their backup dance lineup is Ya-Ya-Yah, and then Kisumai. Shoon, I love you and your silly halloween skirt.

12. The special project thing bores me. But I do like that he's clearly forcing the Musical Academy guy to do this totally against his will. This has been going on for freaking ages, are we ever going to find out what it's about? I think it's just a very elaborate, very gay christmas present for Tsubasa.

13. Is Hikaru talking about "MY MIGHTY"? Sometimes I I'm not sure what the question is, honestly, so maybe it's a really good answer! or...not.


This song fucking ROCKS. HOMG did Fugigaya just....SENGA TOO. ADGLKJAFAJGSGS. I. DEAD.

............i think that was Fujigaya's O face. no. words.

15. There was a finale, but all i can see is Kitayama's bare chest and Fujigaya's tiny tie.

AND IN CONCLUSION: i go now to watch Firebeat A THOUSAND TIMES *___________________*
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