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Daijoubu, READY GO

I just gave Stage6 a try as an alternate video watching source (like youtube, Veoh, etc) and I have to say I was really pleased. The screen is big, the quality is far better than youtube, it doesn't hang for me like dailymotion and veoh sometimes do.

also, one-click downloading. AWESOME.

I encourage you to try with this highly tasty clip of Kis-My-Me-Mine which involves lots of roller-skating, Fujigaya rapping, and Senga losing his shirt jacket [ETA: SORRY DIDNT MEAN TO CAUSE FALSE JR LUST] (he is like the least innocent person in JE, damn him).

I had trouble finding the dl button at first, but when you load the video at first, there's two floating buttons over the movie window: one is the "play" triangle, and the other is a down arrow, which is the dl button.

Also, what the hell? I leave you guys alone for 36 hours and when i come back Harry Potter has canonically gay characters? I agree with copperbadge, i clearly need the wifi brain implant.
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