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Today's Wegmann's Adventure

I got lunch at the Wegmann's before grocery shopping. so there I am with my sushi and my Ito En green tea, and i get in line to pay, and the checker is randomly this totally adorable Korean guy. I mean, just, adorable. Cheerful, Changmin-length hair, big square smile.

adorable korean checker: "Hi!"
me: *blinking* ".....hi!"
akc: "How's your day going so far?"
me: "Good! I mean, it's early yet."
akc: "It is! I agree." *looks me directly in the eyes* "We should still be in bed."
me: " can't possibly be legal I'M GONNA GO NOW."


I did however look him right in the eyes as he handed me my change and flash him the "I really think you're hot" smile, though, so. Um, yeah. Shop at Wegmann's.
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