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Gah, Rats. Atobe is a Freak.

atobe-rat is a hot mess lately.

first he had the swollen/sprained paw (who can even tell), which had him gimping around for about two weeks. then his side lost a lot of fur, but i thought he was just laying on his side funny because of the paw, or maybe chewing it because of boredom.

now the fur is worse, is bad on his other side too, and he's got a bunch of little scabs again. I treated all the boys for mites last week because they all seemed itchy, and Shishido and Ohtori are fine, but Atobe is worse than ever!

To top it all off, he's had this scab near his crotch since summer, but it doesn't seem to bug him, and when he went to the vet in August she didn't think it was a concern. recently it got kind of weird, and in the end he sort of ate it off, mostly, which again, so long as it wasn't bugging him, was fine with me.

Today i go to get him out, and he must have been chewing on it again, cause the thing is bleeding freely. adlfjalfdkaj GROSS. between that and the scabs, I gave him a bath, which made neither of us happy. Just, GAH. rat, what am I supposed to do with with you?! SHINPAI DESU.

the gross thing i dunno about, but the only thing i can figure out about the scratching, since it plainly isn't mites and anything else the others would have too, is that he's allergic to something they've been eating? but the only thing they've been eating regularly is their food blocks and froot loops, both of which they've always eaten! I haven't fed them something random recently, even, I don't think. Nothing has too much protein in it, for sure.

stupid rats. wtf, man.
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