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And you thought Sirius was glad to be finished off...

Here's the end! Thanks to ramen_addict for the encouragement and a covert high five to myself for bringing hetaira9 over to the dark side (so flattered you're reading it! *g*). Heads up also to the random porn site that commented on my last post. Glad you're enjoying it.

without further ado, Teh Pr0n!!! SMUT WARNNING! (this might look a smidge familiar if you were reading sociofemme's comments yesterday...)

Remus sat on the edge of his bed, staring down at his boots.

They seemed an awfully long way away, and Remus wondered if it was really worth the effort for him to bend the whole way down there just to untie the silly things. He was only going to put them on again tomorrow after all.

Peter lay on his own bed, fully dressed and snoring loudly. James had disappeared with Lily while Sirius, Remus, and Peter were putting away their instruments, so the remaining three snuck down to the kitchens for their own after-party. A few dozen pastries and half a bottle of Firewhiskey later, Sirius and Remus had quite a time hauling Peter up the stairs to their dorm. It never did take much to put the littlest Marauder under.

Sirius, complaining of being itchy from all the stage-sweat, had gone to shower. Remus had meant to do the same, but he had made the mistake of sitting down on his bed to untie his boots, and now he had no desire at all to go anywhere. After the adrenaline of the performance and the strain of the last few weeks, a pleasantly buzzed Remus Lupin was more than happy to just kick off his boots and toss his smelly shirt on the floor before sinking back into his pillows. The jeans could wait until tomorrow. It seemed like too much work to even crawl under the covers.

I'll just rest for a moment, he thought sleepily. Muster my energy reserves…

He woke up when Sirius slid into his bed beside him, throwing an arm across his bare chest and snuggling in close to his side. He smelled of water and clean and just Sirius.

And he hadn't taken off the collar.

Oh god, Remus whined mentally as the leather rubbed against his shoulder, WHY did he have to leave that on?

"Don't worry," Sirius sighed, "I'll be gone before you wake up."

Remus pried open his eyes to peer at the arm on his chest, considering making a snide comment about idle threats. The shower had not washed the glitter off Sirius; it was so fine that the water had merely glued it to his skin more firmly and smudged it to the parts of his body previously covered by clothes. Sirius was only wearing pajama pants as usual, and his bare torso glimmered as it rose and fell with each breath. Remus reached up to run his fingertips over Sirius' shoulder, then up to the collar, brushing the warm leather.

"Sirius?" Remus said after a moment.

"Mmm?" Sirius sighed, leaning into his touch.

"Why were you angry this afternoon?"

"Looked too good in those damn jeans," Sirius murmured against his neck. "I knew you'd look hot, but when I actually saw…didn't want them all to see you like I do. Only me." He yawned lightly before continuing. "How long?"

"Last year," Remus answered honestly. "It was after…after. I hated you so much… eventually I figured out that I must have loved you first to hate you that much."

Sirius didn't answer, but ran his hand down Remus chest lightly, expertly, fingers stroking his skin as though he were playing some guitar riff on it. Remus opened his mouth to protest, to make Sirius go, but a huge yawn wracked his body instead, and when he expelled the air he sank deeper into mattress, Sirius settling in more firmly against him.

"Should've got the lights," Remus mumbled, giving in to the inevitable.

"James'll get it," Sirius replied, voice muffled against Remus' neck. There was a short pause before what Sirius had said registered with Remus.

"Oh bugger," he said, opening his eyes again. "James."

Heaving a sigh as though it were tremendously taxing, Sirius pushed himself up and reached out to savagely yank Remus' bed hangings shut.

"He'll never know," Sirius grunted, looking over at Remus as if daring him to argue.

"Sirius," Remus started, but Sirius cut him off.

"Don't you dare try to have a talk with me," he growled, moving one arm to the other side of Remus in order to lean over him menacingly and glare. "I've done all the talking I'm going to do today. What I am going to do is go to sleep curled up with you, and don't even try to tell me you don't want the same thing. Tomorrow you can pretend it means whatever you want, but so help me if you bring up one more niggling reason why we shouldn't, I'm going to shag you until you're too tired to scream my name, much less argue!"

Remus swallowed hard, exhaustion forgotten as desire took over, the heat of Sirius' dark blue eyes burning into him. God, he loved being the center of Sirius' attention. Sirius was so close that their chests were barely touching each time they breathed.

"Too tired to scream your name?" Remus found himself saying, voice was so low and husky he could hardly recognize it himself. He reached a hand up and hooked a finger in the collar, pulling ever so slightly. "That would be about once at the moment."

"Moony." Sirius' voice held a note of warning that only turned Remus on more.

"Peter might wake up," he whispered, giving Sirius his best innocent frown. He tugged harder.

"Warned you," Sirius said before dropping his weight onto Remus, one hand sliding under his back and the other into his hair to push him up harder into the insistent kiss. Remus made a harsh noise in the back of his throat and pressed up into Sirius, their noses banging together. He slid his fingers under the collar and Sirius moaned softly.

Gasping for air, Sirius pulled away and dropped his mouth to run his tongue over the hollow where Remus' neck met his shoulder. Remus arched against him, growling louder. Sirius' hand left his hair to trail along the waistband of his jeans, and Remus squeezed Sirius' back harder involuntarily.

"Isn't this the part," Remus panted, "where you ask me if I'm really really sure, cause if I'm not you'll stop?"

"No," Sirius lifted his head again to rub his cheek against Remus', breathing in his ear. "This is the part where if you stop, I'll kill you. PS- if those jeans aren't off in the next half minute, I'm going to Disappear them permanently."

"Good luck," Remus replied, rubbing his chin against the collar, his nose pressing into Sirius' cheek. "Do you have any idea how long it took me to get these on?"

Sirius grunted dismissively and rolled over, yanking Remus by the waistband so he was on top. Reaching between them, Sirius deftly undid the button and tugged on the zipper.

"Careful!" Remus hissed, fighting the urge to thrust now that Sirius' hand was so near. "Things are packed in rather tight down there."

"So I see," Sirius grinned appreciatively. He gave the zipper another pull and this time it slid down obligingly. Sirius slipped his hands inside and around to Remus' ass, then pushed the warm fabric down out of his way. Remus gave a sharp cry of relief as his erection sprang free, and he ground into Sirius mindlessly.

Sirius pushed his pajama pants down with a dismissive motion, and arched against Remus as their bare cocks brushed against each other for the first time. His breath caught with a whine, and Remus' eyes flared with heat, the wolf clawing its way to the surface. He bent his head to suck Sirius' neck savagely, wanting to own Sirius, wanting to mark him as his.

"Moony," Sirius whined again, clutching Remus' ass convulsively. Remus felt the hard press of Sirius against his stomach and suddenly wanted to own that piece of Sirius just as absolutely.

All pretense of seduction and subtlety gone, Remus simply dropped lower on Sirius' body and sucked the tip of him into his mouth, far past worrying that he had never done this before and had no clue how to go about it. His lower brain insisted that just hot and wet would be good enough right now, and Sirius' sharp cry seemed to support that theory.

Sirius tangled hands in his hair, yanking him closer, but the pain was good pain and Remus moaned as he slid as far down Sirius as he could, the vibration low in his throat making Sirius repeat his name desperately.

Sirius came suddenly, thrusting up hard enough to nearly choke Remus, and Remus swallowed in surprise, then swallowed again deliberately, the sharp taste of Sirius making him slightly light-headed. He didn't take his mouth off Sirius until the other boy tugged him up to lie against his body.

Not giving him a chance to collect his thoughts, Sirius kissed Remus fiercely, hot hands on his back pressing him closer. Sirius snaked a hand between them, then stopped, resting it tentatively on Remus hip.

"Can I?" Sirius asked, pulling back just far enough to see Remus' eyes.

"Yes," Remus hissed, circling his hips helplessly against Sirius' thigh. "Yes, god, anything Padfoot…"

Sirius slid his hand just that little bit further and brushed the tip of Remus, making him groan and push up against his hand. Sirius pushed Remus over onto his back and moved down his body slowly, pausing to nip Remus' skin at what felt like infinitesimal intervals.

"Fucking tease," Remus growled, pushing at Sirius' shoulders. Sirius did not reply and did not speed up, just kept up the exact same winding route, pushing himself up so that his chest was brushing Remus' erection just barely, and holding down Remus' hips so he couldn't arch.

"Keep fighting and I'll only go slower," Sirius threatened, his smile curving against Remus' stomach.

"Kill…you…" Remus panted, eyes clenched shut, nearly past words.

And then the collar, the fucking leather was on his fucking cock, Sirius was stroking him with it, and that was nearly the end right there. Remus dug his nails sharply into his palms to keep himself from the edge, swearing that if Sirius did not get his mouth where it was going in the next millisecond, James was going to return from his evening out to find a dead Marauder on the floor.

Finally, FINALLY Remus felt wet, searing heat envelop him, sliding the whole way down his length in one smooth motion, and Remus didn't care if Sirius had acquired his skill by practicing on every person in the entire castle, Dumbledore included, because it was JUST THAT GOOD.

Suddenly Sirius' mouth was gone and Remus jerked his head up in a snarl, ready to kill.

"Open your eyes," Sirius commanded, deep voice sending tremors up Remus' body. "I learned it for you, you're going to watch, dammit!"

Remus' eyes flew open and Sirius grunted in approval before lowering his head again. One look at the sight of his cock disappearing between Sirius' swollen lips, about a second's worth of Sirius' tongue wrapping around him, and Remus came with a harsh cry, clenching his fists so hard his nails cut into the skin.

Remus came back down slowly, still humming nearly inaudibly as Sirius gave him several more leisurely sucks. Brushing his tongue over Remus' head one last time, Sirius slid back up to press the length of his body along Remus', making soft satisfied noises in the back of his throat.

Remus uncurled his fists and held one of his hands up, noticing in a detached way the half-moons his nails had cut filling with blood. Sirius saw too, and pulled the hand towards his lips to kiss the blood off. Remus shivered as Sirius ran his tongue down the lines of his palm, then let his eyes flutter close as Sirius took the other hand and repeated the process.

He felt soft breath on his cheek and opened his eyes to find Sirius leaning close, smiling secretively.

"What?" Remus asked, voice still rough.

"Are you going to kick me out of bed after you've got what you want every time?" Sirius asked, quirking an eyebrow, "or was it just the once?"

"Git," Remus growled, pushing him away lightly. Sirius flopped down beside him willingly, chuckling softly.

Remus turned on his side, tugging Sirius' arm across him tighter so Sirius would understand that he wasn't turning away, it was just that he always slept on his side. Sirius pulled away, and Remus wondered if he was leaving after all, but then felt the blankets pull underneath him and understood. He shifted further to the side accommodatingly, then snuggled contentedly into the blanket Sirius draped over him and against the returning warmth of Sirius' bare skin.

Sirius pressed against his back, warm and soothing, curled against his body as perfectly as with his guitar, as if neither of them had been made for anything else.

"You can blame it on the Firewhiskey tomorrow if you want," Sirius mumbled into the back the Remus' neck. Remus reached down to twine his fingers with Sirius' hand sprawled across his stomach.

Remus planned to do exactly that, but for now it didn't matter. For now he was warm and sleepy and covered in glitter. And, besides the boy breathing softly into his hair, that was really all there was to that.

That, and the leather collar.

*snuggles finished fic contentedly* thanks for sticking with me during the Flist spam today, guys. Hope you think it's worth it...

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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