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Sasuga Jyannis, or Rage Against the Machine

I just watched the last Ya-Ya-Yah episodes. I don't watch them usually, but the flashbacks were so cute, and it was so sweet watching the boys grow up from tiny little things in 2003 to the almost-adults they've become.

And I got a little teary in some places, and I laughed in other places, and I felt happy, just to watch them grow and be happy with each other. But then at the very end, with no warning, and with no acknowledgment that this was the end, it jumped right to a Hey!Say! ad for next week.

I've felt a lot of things since the announcement. Anxious, depressed, hopeful, sympathetic, even a little excited for the debut of two boys who i've really come to adore. but at that moment, for the first time, I felt angry. As I watched Yabu and Hikaru bounce out in those ridiculous costumes, seconds after watching both of them nearly crying at their own debut, I honestly felt so angry that for a second I couldn't even see straight.

We couldn't get a goodbye? we couldn't get a group bow and a "thanks for taking care of us?" as if the Ya-Ya-yah show wasn't something worth even saying goodbye to, as if it didn't even warrant a moment of silent farewell? We couldn't get a single moment of acknowledgment that for the last 5 years, four boys have poured their hearts and souls and careers into this one thing?

As if Ya-Ya-yah, whether they will continue activities or disband, isn't something worth a moment of respect and reflection?

I know it's just business, I do. But, Johnny, sometimes you really suck.
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