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Hey!Say!JUMP PV...and stuff.

NaNo on hold for a moment: the Hey!Say!JUMP pv is out.

I'm taking deep breaths. I'm finding my zen. I'm opening a vanilla coke. I'm going to watch it the whole way through without distraction or comment, and come to a rational emotional place about all this.


Okay, I'm back. I'm really hoping that someday I will be the sort of person who isn't invested enough in JE for it to make me cry, like, actually cry, with tears. But today? Is not that day.

I will watch again, with comments:

the PV's idea is actually a little bit cool, with the lights and the chrome, and also sort of pointless. It's like Signal, it's very JE.

I like the costumes being a little plain, and the way everybody is different. This is too many people. I like how they try to give everybody a little solo intro moment throughout.

I like Yamada. and a bunch of other people I can't tell apart yet. I like the song, enough. it's very chibi. it's a jrs song. if it were on Shounen Club i would be okay with it, and it would grow on me over time.

And then they do the two-group split. the little-kid group came on and i thought "well....they're tiny. And i like Chinen." and so i had hopes that i would look at the older group and say to myself, okay, these guys, i like them, this will be okay if i focus on this. So here's what i see:

I have no words for how sad even looking at this makes me. I can't even see Yabu's face clearly. This is what we're breaking up Y3 for? so that Hikaru and Yabu can mill around in the background of a group, all blurry? aren't they the freaking leaders of the older group?

Yabu and Hikaru's faces honestly sum up exactly how i feel:

Is Hikaru rapping worth Yabu looking like that? no, it's just not. And that, given the adorable and awesome of Hikaru rapping, is saying quite a bit. Yabu's lack of vocal spotlight on top of the lack of visual is's a huge misuse of a talent Johnny has been cultivating for YEARS, a talent who had solos in Summary 2004 when he was freaking 14. It's a shame, and it breaks my heart.

i'm a little confused about the showering part. um. guys, they're 12. i mean, honestly, that is a 12 year old. Speaking of, I hate that little one with the burning fire of a thousand suns. HATE. HE'S NOT EVEN GOOD. GOD WHAT THE HELL. There's no reason Chinen, who is adorable and talented and clearly on the track to being the next Senga/Jin/Tackey, could not do his random solo, WHICH I HATE.

I want to be excited for Yabu and Hikaru, I do. God, how i want to be able to say "at least something good came of this." But I'm not sure how i'm supposed to be happy for them, when they themselves don't even look happy, not even fake-happy, in their own debut PV.
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