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Baby, I Swear, I Was Hanging Out With Tegoshi

THINGS. and then i will start writing. NO REALLY.

* you all need to go see Lindsay's new shirt and then keep scrolling until you see the ridiculous picture i posted in reply.

* I'm totally in love with Pacific. Specifically "Alibi", cause when Shige sings "Tegoshi ni" i turn into GOO. GOD. JUST. ASDLKFJASFDKJA. SHIGEAKI, WTF. how did you crawl into one of my favorite's slots?

* I bought the Jimmy Eat World new album today at random, and it's really good. I recommend. Hot Topic has it for like $10, so, awesome. (jemz i thought of your fic cause the one song starts "could have been a night like any other, one of us has to drive, the other one gets to think")

* i had some amazon money, so i finally broke down and bought a real kanji dictionary, and i'm very excited for its arrival. because i am a dork and love reference materials.

* i'm totally disgusted with how much of the shounen club description i can read with no help at all. like, basically the entire thing. I can't understand why they don't teach people kanji with idol names because, honestly, it's really just a shame how much I know. who wants to co-author a textbook with me where you learn through j-pop lyrics and idol names? WE'RE SITTING ON A GOLDMINE, TREBEK.

* okay, i seriously have to write. seriously.
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