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11/4 Shokura Thoughts

as i'm sure you've come to expect, i have several things to say about Shounen Club.

* kisumai's new costume's = YES. god, i cannot WAIT to see Endless Road next week. Also i love Fujigaya's new hair. Also i love Kitayama's bare shoulders. also i love Nika dorking about in the background of Jr ni Q

* Also I love Koyama's fuzzy sweater coat. KOYAMA. ILU.

* ABC, you are just the sex. I'm really hoping that is your new angle. both Yara songs had me with my jaw dangling the entire time.

* Question? sounds terrific, again. I have lots of sudden "YES" for them.

* I find it puzzling that Yabu and Hikaru do next to nothing with their new group, and then just have solos. I hesitate to venture a guess about what all this means, because my guesses are always, always wrong. So, draw your own conclusions.

* Shoon looks happy. Again, I dunno what any of this means, I dunno what Taiyo's doing this week, and I dunno why Shoon is singing with two batches of HS people neither of which seems to involve his bandmates. But I know that he looks happy. And I am glad for it.

*the merge of Kizuna/Yorokobi was AWESOME.
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