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I Have the Hooyay for Hoji

I have returned from the Wegmann's with litchi gummies! and also i have located the secret location of the Ito En tea! It turns out they really live in the organic section under "alternate beverages."

because I was so going to guess that shit. right.

anyway, i bought a giant thing of plain green and jasmine green, and then a bunch of bottles of various things (lemongrass, rose, and hoji) after trying hoji tonight and discovering that there's probably not a single thing that Ito En makes that I don't like.

Mmm, roasted tea leaves. And inari! It's kind of sweet and a little weird, but I'm eatin it anyway, yo.

God bless the Wegmann's. Because this cold is going to suck ass (homg throat killing me) but now I have the best green tea on earth so I can just close my eyes and pretend I am waiting for the Shinkansen.
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