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Ahoy, thar be cliches ahead!

I gave up the attempt at catching up the Flist at about skip=150. In short: go read copperbadge. a big wave to everybody new who friended me because of the glitter!fic *hugs* you made it all worthwhile.

I decided I needed to cleanse the palate by writing fluffy SiRe filled with every cliche imaginable. Hee.

Werewolves Mate For Life

Sirius slammed open the door of the Sixth Year boys’ dormitory and waited expectantly for Remus to notice him. He struck a careless-looking pose that he had in fact spent hours practicing on girls during Potions.

The brown-haired boy continued to scribble on his parchment, ignoring him. The sun streaming in the window caught the gold highlights in Remus’ hair, and Sirius was nearly distracted from his purpose by sheer aesthetic fascination.

Sirius coughed discreetly, then cleared his throat a few times, still with no response. Finally he strode over and kicked the side of Remus’ desk.

“What?!” Remus demanded, finally looking up.

“Couldn’t keep your eyes off me, hmm?” Sirius grinned, running a hand through his shoulder-length hair.

The werewolf’s gold-flecked eyes narrowed. “What do you want, Sirius?”

“So I’ve slept with every Gryffindor girl for two years in either direction,” Sirius announced.

“Yes, I know,” Remus replied neutrally.

“Gone through all the Ravenclaws girls too,” Sirius continued, “and most of the Hufflepuffs, and even a few Slytherins.”

“Yes, I know,” Remus was losing patience fast. “Why are you telling...”

“Then I started in on the boys,” Sirius interrupted. “Got everybody who’s willing at this point, I think, plus a few who needed the Polyjuice treatment, if you know what I mean...”

“Sirius, I don’t want to discuss your status as Gryffinwhore right this moment,” Remus snapped. “Can’t you just leave me...”

“And I was halfway done with a brilliant plan to seduce some staff,” Sirius blathered on, “when I realized I’d forgotten somebody.”

Sirius let the silence draw out, giving Remus a significant look, until finally Remus gave in.

“Who have you forgot then?” Remus asked tonelessly.

“You, of course.” Sirius gave another bone-melting grin before yanking Remus up by his robes and kissing the hell out of him.

Remus kissed him back after a moment’s surprise, then pushed Sirius away roughly.

“Leave me alone,” he said harshly, glaring at the floor. “Go bugger James or something, can’t you?”

“Done it already,” Sirius waved him off with one hand, still holding Remus’ robes with the other so he couldn’t escape. “He’s off with Evans, staring into each other’s eyes or something. Claims they’re soulmates, known it since he stepped off the Express as First Years.”

“Didn’t they hate each other until ten minutes ago?” Remus, pushed at Sirius’ hand.

“Details,” Sirius grunted, tugging Remus forcibly against his body. “Stop fighting, you’re completely mad for it.”

“Let me go,” Remus struggled harder.

“I’m in love with you, you know,” Sirius said conversationally. Remus froze, staring up at him with an open mouth.

“What did you just say?” he asked quietly.

“I’ve slept with every person I know to try and distract myself,” Sirius shrugged. “It’s hopeless, I’ve decided. Just have to shag you, no help for it.”

“No help for it?!” Remus began trying to twist out of Sirius’ grip again. “Contrary to your belief, I get to decide who I shag for myself, thank you!”

“Remus, you’ve been in love with me since the third day of school.” Sirius rolled his eyes. “I’ve been watching you.”

“I have not!” Remus protested hotly.

“Have too,” Sirius smiled indulgently. “You’re in love with my cobalt blue eyes, and my glossy black hair with indigo highlights, and my sleek Quidditch-toned muscles, not to mention my tight arse.”

“You know all that from watching me?” Remus asked, awed.

“No, read your diary while you were in the infirmary last full moon,” Sirius shrugged.

With an inarticulate howl of rage, Remus gave Sirius a vicious shove that sent him sprawling to the floor, but his grip on the robes meant Remus tumbled over after him. Sirius rolled over and trapped Remus underneath him before Remus could move.

“Now that I have your attention,” Sirius said, settling his body against the smaller boy’s, “want me to tell you what I do know from watching you?”

Remus told him, in no uncertain terms, exactly what he wanted Sirius to do. In several unlikely locations. With his mother. And some vegetables.

“What I’ve learned,” Sirius ignored him, “is that you wear clothes far too large for you to keep anybody from realizing that you’ve got a body like a Greek god under there. I’ve also learned that your hair is all shimmery in the light of the library torches and that your eyes glow amber when you’re turned on, which is nearly all the time when I’m nearby. And that it’s really cute when you fall asleep face-first in a book and wake up with words inked on your cheek.”

“That never happens!” Remus snarled.

“All the time,” Sirius said calmly. “It’s so cute we don’t tell you about the words.”

Remus’ mouth worked soundlessly for a moment, completely speechless with rage. Sirius took advantage of the lull to lean down and kiss him again. Remus was caught with his mouth open, and Sirius flicked his tongue against Remus’.

Remus gasped and arched up into the other boy, then gasped again when that brought his erection right up against Sirius’, even through the layers of trousers and robes.

“This is the bit where we shag,” Sirius informed him, “so I’d advise a move to the bed.”

“You don’t understand, you fucking berk,” Remus panted angrily. “You can’t just fuck me like everybody else.”

“First of all,” Sirius replied, “correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’ll actually be the first to fuck you.”

“Not what I...” Remus growled, trying to shove Sirius off fruitlessly.

“And even if that isn’t true,” Sirius continued contemplatively, “I assure you it would nothing like with anybody else. Practice makes perfect, you know.”

“Werewolves mate for LIFE, twit!” Remus shouted.

“Better get started then,” Sirius purred. He lowered his head to suck Remus’ neck, and Remus went rigid underneath him, making a strangled noise. Sirius sucked harder, using his teeth, until Remus cried out. Sirius gave Remus’ neck a final swipe with his tongue, then lifted his head to meet Remus’ eyes. They were incandescent with lust, the supernatural gold so luminous you could have used him to play a night Quidditch game.

“No more stupid objections?” Sirius asked.

“Bed. Now!” Remus ordered.

Sirius obligingly climbed off Remus and to his feet. Clothing was shed on the way in the convenient pause, so that by the time both boys had taken the dozen steps towards Remus’ bed, there was nothing impeding Sirius’ golden tan from sliding against Remus’ pale luster.

Sirius kissed Remus fiercely, grinding the werewolf into the mattress. Remus moaned into his mouth unintelligibly and slid one leg around Sirius waist to push him down harder.

“I guess that’s what six years of sexual repression will do to a bloke,” Sirius laughed breathlessly.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Remus snarled.

Sirius pushed himself up and rolled Remus over, running his hand down his smooth ass and into the cleft. A murmured word to the wandless spell he’d learned from a Seventh year Slytherin, and he was slipping a finger inside Remus.

Remus sucked in his breath and twitched, as if he couldn’t decide whether to pull away or push back against the finger. Sirius made the choice for him, pushing in until he was past his second knuckle and seeking with a calloused fingertip until he found what he was looking for. At the first brush across his prostate, Remus dropped to his elbows and swore harshly.

Not giving him a chance to recover, Sirius slid a second finger in and began stretching Remus out mercilessly, bending his dark head to lick a searing line up Remus’ spine. Remus arched up and back, breaths sounding as if they were being torn out of his throat.

Sirius pulled out his fingers and fisted his cock slick. He leaned forward on his knees and curled himself against Remus’ back as he lined up his erection with Remus’ opening, wrapping an arm around the other boy’s waist securely. At Remus’ soft whimper, Sirius bit down on his shoulder to distract him from the initial push inwards.

Remus cried out, and Sirius hissed sharply at the heat surrounding him, struggling to hold still while Remus adjusted.

“Mmm,” Remus said after a moment, and Sirius started thrusting slowly, reaching around to wrap around Remus’ cock and stroke him in time. Sirius shifted his hips a bit, trying to find the perfect angle, until...

“Oh god, Padfoot,” Remus whined, “right there...”

Sirius grinned against Remus’ back as he drove deeper over the spot in a series of short, sharp thrusts. Remus moaned his name in a low repetition as he pushed back to meet Sirius’ thrusts, then forward into his hand. Sirius stretched his neck just a little bit further to nuzzle Remus’ ear, then sucked the lobe into his mouth and worried it between his teeth.

With a shudder that wracked his whole body, Remus came, spilling hotly over his stomach and Sirius’ hand. While he was still gasping for air, Sirius took Remus’ hips in both hands and pounded into him mercilessly, perilously close to his own release. Remus let his head drop into the blankets and gave a rough exclamation every time Sirius drove into him.

“Moony,” Sirius finally breathed, “yessssss...”

He collapsed against Remus’ back, who flopped down on his stomach with Sirius still on top, in a tangle of torsos and limbs.

“Mate for life my arse,” Sirius snorted softly. “That wasn’t even fifteen minutes...”

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…