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I Loved You In Cock Note

I was all set to make an utterly emo post about being sick and my job and whatever else, but when i came home and refreshed the page that Rana's Pantheon fic is on, I found two things:

#1: Jemz writing about Rin making grouchy friends with Minhyun,

and also

#2: Daisy-chan responding with a pitch-perfect Adachi perving on...well, everyone, and also mentioning both his porn career and the quality of his German dubs.

SERIOUSLY. *______________________* ILU GUYS SM. This really made my day. I'm thrilled everyone is having a good time, and I encourage you to write all the off-shots and porn for the boys that you want, because the NaNo schedule means I don't get to do it at all.

It's not just that Goto is a prude! although it's that too...
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