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Try Your Emotion

Hey!Say!JUMP is now listed on the main artist listing for Johnny's Net, right under KAT-TUN. So, it's official and all, with their single out. it turns out i really do have at least one definite feeling: "YOU'RE NOT A REAL BAND. STOP TOUCHING ARASHI AND KAT-TUN."

Also, I have serious doubts about the wisdom of a plan where multiple people debut before their voices have changed. You can't get lucky with all of them, that's simply not statistics.

I don't want them to fail really, since I like so many of them individually, and they aren't going to, if Oricon is anything to go by. As horrible as it is, I'm really just hoping for scandal. Maybe we can get a good hiatus going until everyone at least starts waving at puberty, and then Yabu and Hikaru can be a duo or do side projects.

Or they can quit, taking Shoon and Taiyo with them, and form an emo rock band called NO-NO-NO!

Shut up, that's a great idea.

maybe i will just go listen to Keita some more. Because w-inds. never breaks my heart. *CLINGS*
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