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Title: Winter Blues [Sho/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Hikaru's preferred method of sharing heat.
Summary: Sho doesn't like the cold, but this winter things are a little different.
AN: for longleggedgit, because her Asian Literature and Sexuality class ought to be exactly as awesome as Luxe IV.

Winter Blues

It was getting colder, winter starting in earnest, the cold seeming to seep in no matter how many layers or how thick the curtains or how high the heater was turned up.

Sho didn't enjoy the cold. He typically spent his days, the parts where he wasn't required to be bare-ass naked, in a pile of blankets and sweaters, each more garishly patterned than the last. Spending as much time in his warm futon as possible, Sho had spent last winter dreaming of hibernating until the spring sun put an end to the whole thing.

This year…well, things were a little different.

"Hm?" Hikaru mumbled when Sho curled up tighter around his back in the middle of the night. "Sho?"

This year Hikaru was spending a lot of nights in Sho's futon, coaxed there with promises of food and movies, or sometimes just promises of Sho himself, Hikaru whose hands were always warm and familiar, whose voice was enough to make Sho's skin heat a few degrees, whose body radiated so much heat even asleep that he was better than any sweater or blanket Sho had ever owned.

"It's nothing." Sho muffled a soft groan of pleasure against the back of Hikaru's neck as Hikaru's body heat soaked into his skin. "Go back to sleep."

Hikaru rolled over in Sho's arms, eyes heavy with sleep and smirk languid. "Hands are cold," he yawned, but he pulled Sho in closer against his chest, grunting when Sho pressed his cold nose against the hollow of Hikaru's throat. "Always cold. S'all you bring me home for, isn't it?"

"Not all," Sho teased, edging a thigh in between Hikaru's and nibbling at his collarbone until Hikaru woke up enough to tighten his arms around Sho's back, to nudge his head up for a kiss. Sho kissed back, pressing as tightly against Hikaru as he could, skimming nails down Hikaru's spine to the ticklish spot at the small of his back. Hikaru squirmed, skin sliding against Sho's, and Sho chuckled.

"Be nice!" Hikaru admonished, bending his head to nibble at Sho's own weak spot, the curve of his neck. "Or I'll make you put on clothes…"

Sho laughed again before kissing Hikaru properly and letting Hikaru roll him onto his back. Arching up into Hikaru's chest, Sho let Hikaru do whatever he wanted with him, so long as he could soak in Hikaru's heat. They ended up curled in a tight knot, limbs loose from sex and sleep, and Sho drifted off warm from toes to fingertips.

Which made it a hundred times harder to crawl out of bed the next morning when his phone began shrilling its alarm. Sho cracked an eye and growled at it, but the phone continued chirping away merrily. When Hikaru started to stir as well, Sho grumbled a few obscenities and pushed back the blankets.

He shivered as the winter air brushed over him, and hurried to turn on the shower as hot as it would go.

When he came back, Hikaru had rolled over onto his stomach and pulled the blankets back up to his chin. He gave Sho a sleepy smile, then yawned, making his nose and eyes scrunch up. It was cute enough to make Sho lean down for a kiss, morning breath notwithstanding, and Hikaru wrapped arms around Sho's neck and brushed fingers through the damp hair at the nape of his neck.

"Maa," Hikaru sighed as Sho pulled away to get dressed, rolling onto his stomach and pillowing his head on his arms. "I wish we had the same days off."

"We'd sleep the whole thing away anyway," Sho shrugged, tugging on a pair of jeans. "You have any plans?"

"Sleeping sounds perfect~!" Hikaru sighed, nestling happily into Sho's pillow. "You should wear the blue one. You don't mind if I stay?"

Sho put down the gray sweater he'd been holding and tugged on the blue instead, grimacing when he felt his hair crackle from static. "Stay. I'll call you when I'm off, ne?"

"Mm-hmm," Hikaru hummed, already slipping back into sleep. Sho gave him an affectionate roll of his eyes and then went to blow-dry his hair.

All day long Sho was distracted, thoughts full of a warm and sleepy Hikaru sprawled out over his bed. Nobody seemed to mind, thankfully; the director congratulating him on having perfected his bedroom eyes, and Kai blushing a little as he noted that Sho seemed a little intense today, na?

Finally the shoot was over, and Sho could tug back on his jeans and sweater, shivering, and fish out his phone from his bag. He balanced the phone between his shoulder and his ear and rubbed his arms as he waited for Hikaru to answer.

"Sho-kun," Hikaru said when he answered. "Are you done? I have a surprise for you!"

"You washed my sheets?" Sho inquired, tugging on his shoes and peering outside suspiciously before actually opening the door.

"There's the world's most pointless endeavor," Hikaru said slyly, making Sho laugh. "Just hurry up and come home, ple~ase!"

He hung up before Sho could answer, and Sho was halfway home before he thought to chuckle at the fact that Hikaru had called it that too. Then it started sleeting, and any warmth Sho had been drawing from that thought was quickly extinguished by the slivers of ice dripping down his neck.

Sho all but ran into his apartment, shivering and wet from head to toe, only to nearly go back out when the glorious smell of something cooking hit his nose, and he thought he was in the wrong apartment.

"Is that you, Sho?" Hikaru called. "Welcome home!"

"I'm…back…" Sho answered automatically, wondering what on earth the delicious smell filling his apartment was from. He kicked off his shoes and stripped off his sodden sweater, then headed forward, deeper into the warmth of the apartment.

Instead of finding Hikaru snuggled up in bed like he'd expected, Sho instead found him up and dressed in the gray sweater Sho had discarded earlier, stirring something that was the source of the wonderful smell.

Coming up behind Hikaru, Sho slid arms around his waist, sliding his chilled cheek along Hikaru's and making him hiss. "You're making me dinner? Nobody's done that since…" Sho shook his head. "I can't even remember."

"I did have all day off," Hikaru shrugged, holding up a spoon for Sho to taste. It was curry, a little plain but hot, and that was enough to make Sho hum in pleasure, licking it off his lower lip where it stung against the chapped skin. "Is it okay?"

"Yeah," Sho answered, squeezing Hikaru tighter and nuzzling the curve of his neck. Starting to warm up in more ways than one, Sho flexed his hips against Hikaru's ass, just enough to make Hikaru push back against him.

"Ne, Sho, I'm trying to…AIEEE!" Hikaru protested, shoving Sho away and slapping at his back where a drop of ice water had spilled from Sho's hair right down his spine. "You're freezing! Go warm up, I'm almost done."

Sho tried to coax Hikaru back into letting him back into a hug, but Hikaru warded him of with the spoon and narrowed eyes, and Sho gave up, laughing. "Okay, okay! I'm going!"

He smiled, though, when he found his futon in even more disarray than he'd left it, blankets in a tangle and a textbook strewn over the pillow. He changed into dry clothes, then snuggled back into the hollow Hikaru had left in the blankets, flipping through a few pages of the textbook.

"You want to study?" Hikaru teased when he found Sho that way a few minutes later. He sat down next to Sho and handed him a bowl of steaming curry. "You can take my exams for me too, if you like."

"Maybe not." Sho sat up and whimpered in pleasure as the heat from the bowl sank into his hands. "And here I thought you'd gone domestic. Thank you for the meal!"

"Jerk." Hikaru nudged Sho's elbow just as he tried to get the first bite in his mouth, and echoed the traditional phrase cheerfully while Sho shot him a baleful gaze.

Hikaru studied a little more as they ate, sweet-talking Sho into quizzing him and then making fun of how he stumbled over the English words with his mouth full. After he'd tossed the book aside along with their empty bowls, Sho flipped on the television.

The peace lasted all of ten minutes before Hikaru pounced Sho during a commercial, knocking him on his back and kissing him. Sho groaned as the spices of the curry still on Hikaru's tongue stung his chapped lips, wrapping arms around his back and tangling their legs together.

"Stay," Sho said when the kiss broke so Hikaru could strip off his shirt, both of their chests rising and falling quickly. He skimmed his knuckles up Hikaru's sternum as Hikaru bared it.

"Stay here?" Hikaru asked, hitching himself up properly into straddling Sho's thighs, rocking down against Sho. "Or stay like this?"

"Either." Sho's hands found their way to the warm skin of Hikaru's back just above the waistband of his jeans. "Both."

"You're not very hard to please, Sho-kun," Hikaru laughed, voice turning breathy when Sho rocked up into him. "You want me like this? You can pick, since you had to work today~"

"Showing your kind side?" Sho asked, sitting up to brush a line of kisses over Hikaru's throat, hands firm on Hikaru's waist to keep him in place. "I bet it has nothing to do with the fact that you like nothing better than bottoming from the top."

"Then we'll both get our wish, won't we?" Hikaru whispered in Sho's ear, making him shiver, and then he put a hand in the middle of Sho's chest and pushed him down flat on his back. "Just relax and enjoy, please!"

Sho didn't have any argument with that at all as Hikaru stripped the rest of their clothes off and settled back down in Sho's lap, having found the tube of lubricant among the blankets with a speed that made Sho laugh even as he fought Hikaru for whose fingers would slide slickly into Hikaru first.

Sho's victory had Hikaru curling his fingers against Sho's chest and squeezing his eyes shut, but Sho didn't let up, personal experience telling him that Hikaru could take a lot more than one well-lubed finger, even at first. Instead he concentrated on watching Hikaru's face, the flicker of expression before Hikaru's eyes slit open and he began pushing against Sho's hand.

"Ne, Sho-kun," Hikaru murmured, leaning his head back and pushing against Sho's hand more firmly when he replaced one finger with two. "You're pretty cute."

"Stop trying to rush me," Sho scolded, a smile curling his mouth anyway, just like his free hand was curling around Hikaru's hip. He thumbed the sharp jut of Hikaru's hipbone, wondered if he could lean up to kiss Hikaru yet without being scolded again.

Hikaru pushed down on Sho's chest harder, the tensing of Sho's muscles apparently giving him away. "Seems like you're ready too, right?" Hikaru flicked his bangs out of his eyes and arched his back prettily, confident of Sho's full attention. "Go on, what are you waiting for? Spring?"

It was a lot less like spring, as Sho pushed up into Hikaru, than it was like full summer, skin hot and damp, blankets kicked hastily out of the way, a drop of sweat trickling down Hikaru's chest that no amount of pushing could keep Sho from sitting up to lick away.

The shift of position made Hikaru groan and clutch at Sho's shoulders, tugging rough hands through Sho's hair and settling in Sho's lap so that his cock sank even deeper into Hikaru. Sho growled his approval as he splayed his hands across Hikaru's back, brushing lips and tongue over as much of Hikaru's skin as he can reach. He paused when he reached a spot just south of Hikaru's collarbone that made his rhythm stutter, worked it until Hikaru picked up another rhythm entirely, sharp and desperate.

Sho's control fluttered when Hikaru worked a hand in between them to jerk himself roughly, curled tight against Sho and moaning Sho's name into his hair, the other hand still tight around Sho's neck.

"Sho, please," Hikaru breathed, and Sho leaned forward to dump Hikaru onto his back. He only got a second to adjust their position, hooking an elbow under one of Hikaru's knees to angle his hips up, before Hikaru was yanking him back down for a messy kiss. The high, pleading noises Hikaru was making into his mouth were making Sho's control slip even more, his thrusts quickening and turning uneven.

He hitched himself up onto one elbow to give himself the space to wrap his hand over Hikaru's, tangling their fingers and squeezing tight. His hand still had enough lube to work underneath Hikaru's fingers and make his breath hitch. Sho pulled his mouth away from Hikaru's and pressed his forehead against Hikaru's shoulder, concentrating on sending Hikaru over the edge first.

"Hikaru," he whispered, focusing on making his thrusts even and deep, getting a vague "Yeah?" in reply. "You feel so good. You're getting close, right? Come on, Hikaru, come for me…"

Fingers twisting tight enough in Sho's hair to make him groan, Hikaru pushed into Sho's fist a last time and stuttered out an "I'm coming," before arching up into him and spilling over Sho's hand and their stomachs.

Sho let himself go as Hikaru slumped back against the blankets, panting, Hikaru's whimpers distant in his ears as he thrust hard and fast, finally spending himself in a rush of heat that left him sprawled dizzily across Hikaru.

"Heavy," Hikaru murmured when their breathing had slowed, voice rough, and he poked Sho in the arm, then yawned in his ear. Sho rolled off, both of them giving a soft groan when he pulled out, and flopped on his back, closing his eyes as the room spun a little.

"Hmm," he hummed vaguely when he felt Hikaru wiping him off with something, probably his own shirt, but Sho felt too content to care, and more importantly too warm. He caught at Hikaru's arm without looking and tugged him down, reaching with the other to tug the blankets up. "So, staying?"

"I do have my own apartment, you know," Hikaru pointed out, letting Sho draw him back down to curl against his chest, arching his back as Sho licked the little hollow in between his collarbones. "I should go back to it at some point."

"Mmhmm," Sho murmured, pressing close so that Hikaru's warmth was soaking into every inch of Sho's skin, making him think that, maybe, winter wasn't so bad. "We'll talk about it in the spring."

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…