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Osashiburi desu, Tachibana-kun!

I just preordered 愛の言霊 and I'm so excited! I want to see it now! ...only it won't release until Jan 25. It's one of the things I probably should have left to find actually in Japan, but I've been so excited about it since seeing the trailer months ago that I caved. Maybe something magical will happen between now and then and I will understand all their dialogue perfectly~

SHUT UP I SAID MAYBE. *hugs drill book*

oh well. another 500Y coupon from cdjapan for me. I ordered Keita's Friend single, first press, while I was there to push the order over the coupon threshhold, so I'll have adorkable Keita on DVD as well.

Now I go to pay off the visa. which has the DBSK Paris photobooks on it, urgh. I've been trying to be so good, but I'm so terrible at it. Speaking of that, PACKAGE FROM JEMZ YAY. she mailed me all my Potatos, plus Arena 37c and the Arena special. nothing else would fit in the box, besides a peach water.

The mailman hates me.
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