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Title: Transfixed [Senga/Fujigaya/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: R for Senga enjoying Fujigaya's piercings way too much.
Summary: Fujigaya's tagging along puts a crimp in Senga and Nikaido's plans, only Nikaido decides that it doesn't really after all.
AN: I blame all of this on Fire Beat, which has no business being half as hot as it is, particularly not with Nika strutting and Senga body-rolling and Taipi's piercing. This was the obvious result.


"Nikaaaaa," Senga whined in an undertone as they went into Nikaido's kitchen to get drinks, but Nikaido just glared at him, the expression heightened by the fact that his hair was still slicked down into dangerous-looking spikes from their Shounen Club filming.

"It wasn't my idea," he snapped. "Mitsu ditched him at the last second! He was just sitting in the dressing room, moping! What was I supposed to do?"

"I dunno," Senga answered glumly, scuffing his foot along the linoleum. He heaved another sigh as Nikaido bent to retrieve sodas from the refrigerator and gave Senga an unobstructed view of his ass. The jeans were hugging every curve of Nikaido's hips like their life depended on it, and even though that had less to do with Nikaido's style than with the fact that he was starting another growth spurt, Senga had still been very much looking forward to peeling those jeans off all of Nikaido's curves and hugging them himself.

With Fujigaya sitting in the living room, that was looking far less likely to happen.

"Cheer up, Ken-chan." Nikaido straightened up with his arm full of aluminum cans and leaned over to kiss Senga's cheek noisily, making him laugh. "There'll be other times. Besides," Nikaido nudged Senga over to the kitchen doorway, setting his chin on Senga's shoulder as they looked into the living room, "we can't just leave him like that."

Fujigaya was sitting in a slump on the couch, shoulders low and even his hair looking limp and depressed. Senga heaved another little sigh that made Nikaido's chin bounce a little, but this time it was a sigh of resignation.

"You're right," Senga agreed, reaching behind to take two of the sodas from Nikaido's hands. "We're Kis-My-Ft2 after all! We should be showing member-ai!"

"Oh god, I hate when you talk to Yamapi-senpai during filmings," Nikaido groaned, but Senga was already bouncing ahead to plop down on the couch next to Fujigaya, offering him his choice of soda.

"Thanks, Ken-chan," Fujigaya said, expression clearing as he chose strawberry, but his eyes were still downcast, and Senga met Nikaido's gaze with a look of sympathy when Nikaido sat on the other side of Fujigaya. "I'm sorry you had to bring me along, didn't you two have plans?"

"It's fine," Nikaido said firmly, eyeing Senga, and after a second Senga nodded, then gave Nikaido a sly grin.

"We get to spend time with senpai!" Senga exclaimed, throwing his arms around Fujigaya, who stiffened in surprise when Nikaido shared Senga's grin and did the same on the other side. They squeezed tighter until Fujigaya squirmed, laughing.

"Okay, okay!" he shoved at them until they were only hugging him normally, then let them hug him, shoulders losing their tension. "I guess we don't go out together much, do we? You two are so close, though."

"Yeah," Senga agreed, tilting his head up so that his cheek was still resting against Fujigaya's shoulders but he could see Nikaido's eyes, hooded with eyeliner and affection. He squeezed a little closer to Fujigaya as Nikaido made a point of roaming his eyes slowly over Senga's body.

"We definitely see the most of each other," Nikaido said casually, voice low, and Senga turned his forehead into Fujigaya's neck to hide his shiver.

Fujigaya shifted, giving a breathy laugh. "You're tickling, Ken-chan."

There was the sound of shifting fabric, and when Senga opened his eyes, Nikaido had pulled away from Fujigaya's side, and was watching the two of them with open interest. It was an expression Senga was getting familiar with lately, although not usually when someone else was present.

"Nika?" Senga asked, heartbeat skipping a little.

"Ne, Taipi," Nikaido said, the beginnings of a smirk lurking at the corner of his mouth. "Ken-chan was telling me the other day that he really thinks your navel piercing is sexy."

"Huh?" Fujigaya blinked, just as Senga squawked "NIKA!"

"He really likes it," Nikaido continued, ignoring Senga's protests completely. "He was wondering if it would feel good to play with."

"O-oh," Fujigaya's cheeks were turning pink as he looked down at Senga. "You were talking about that?"

"Yes," Senga answered, voice low with embarrassment and also the memory of exactly when he had told Nikaido that, both of them half undressed and sprawled across his bed, Nikaido jerking him off with smooth, fast strokes.

"He's watched the last live of Fire Beat on his laptop about five hundred times," Nikaido added. "He runs the part where your piercing flashes in slow-motion."

"NIKAIDO!" Senga wailed, covering his face with his hands as Fujigaya's jaw dropped. "You aren't supposed to tell HIM that! It's embarrassing!"

"That's because you're doing it wrong," Nikaido informed him, and Senga looked up to glare, only to swallow hard when Nikaido pushed himself off the couch and then settled back down in Fujigaya's lap, knees on either side of Fujigaya's thighs. He caught Senga's eye with a knowing smirk, then turned his attention back to Fujigaya. "Your piercing is really hot, Taipi," he said, then he leaned down to kiss him.

Senga's jaw worked soundlessly as he watched Fujigaya's eyes flutter shut and his hands come up to clutch at the small of Nikaido's back, Nikaido's mouth working against Fujigaya's, his hips giving a slow roll. Senga could barely hear over the pounding of his blood in his ears, and he stared with his mouth hanging open as Nikaido pulled back and Fujigaya stared up at him with half-slit eyes.

"See?" Nikaido asked, looking over at Senga, and Fujigaya turned his head as well, mouth knotted in a puzzled little frown.

Senga licked his upper lip thoughtfully, then leaned forward until his lips were almost touching Fujigaya's. "Ne, Taipi…"

He didn't finish, interrupted by Fujigaya seizing his mouth, taking one hand off Nikaido's back to palm the back of Senga's head, working his fingers into Senga's hair and rubbing at his scalp until Senga was melting against him, fingers twisting in Fujigaya's shirt. Distantly, Senga heard the hitch of Nikaido's breath.

"Hey," Nikaido said, voice breathy, and when he got no response, he pushed at both Senga and Fujigaya's shoulders. "Hey!"

Fujigaya pulled away slowly, leaving Senga blinking for a second before he could pull his gaze away from Fujigaya's puffy lips and fix it on Nikaido instead. "Hmm?"

"We should go up to my room," Nikaido said, climbing off Fujigaya's lap and holding out a hand to pull each of them off the couch and tug them towards the stairs, their sodas forgotten on the coffee table.

Once they reached Nikaido's room, he pushed Senga and Fujigaya inside before closing the door securely behind them. When he turned around, he found Fujigaya already sitting on the bed, legs crossed. Senga was standing in the middle of the floor, waiting for Nikaido, and Fujigaya was grinning at both of them.

"I haven't seen you kiss yet," Fujigaya said, hands laced innocently in his lap. "Aren't you two close?"

Senga tilted his head, confused, but the confusion faded away when Nikaido grinned back at Fujigaya, then stalked over to wrap arms around Senga's waist, pulling their hips snug together. Senga curled his hands around the back of Nikaido's neck and leaned happily up into the attention, tilting his head back as Nikaido's mouth met his own.

The kiss started out gentle, Nikaido smoothing his lips over Senga's and making Senga sigh in pleasure, but it didn't take long for their delayed want for each other to ignite and turn the kiss desperate. Nikaido's hands slipped into the back of Senga's jeans pockets, kneading his ass and yanking him as close as possible. Senga groaned into Nikaido's mouth and twisted fingers tight in his hair, curling into him and grinding against his thigh.

"Fuck," Fujigaya said faintly when they broke apart with a gasp, and Senga looked over to find him leaning back against the headboard, pressing his palm against the erection that was straining the front of his cargo pants. Senga licked his stinging lower lip and rolled his hips deliberately against Nikaido's, eyes narrowing in pleasure when Fujigaya made a low noise.

"Ne, Nika," Senga murmured, turning his head to brush his mouth against Nikaido's ear. "Seems like Taipi could use a little help."

Senga felt Nikaido's grin curl against the side of his neck, then laughed as Nikaido whispered something to him, voice too low for Fujigaya to catch despite the fact that he was clearly listening in.

They turned at the same time to advance on Fujigaya, and Fujigaya barely had time to swallow before they both were on the bed, sliding along either side of his body, Nikaido stretching up to capture Fujigaya's mouth, Senga pushing up Fujigaya's shirt to investigate the naval piercing that had started it all.

It was smooth and sleek and silver, and Fujigaya hummed when Senga ran fingers over it, the metal warm from Fujigaya's skin. When Senga rolled the piercing between his fingers just a little, Fujigaya shivered underneath him. Glancing up to make sure he wasn't hurting Fujigaya and finding both Fujigaya and Nikaido watching him, Senga grinned and gave the piercing a firmer tug, and Fujigaya's hips pushed up against him.

"Looks pretty fun after all," Nikaido said, nibbling on Fujigaya's jaw and working a hand under Fujigaya's already bunched up shirt to brush fingertips over one of his nipples.

"Hey," Fujigaya said hazily as Senga used his arm to hold down Fujigaya's hips and splayed his hand across Fujigaya's stomach. "What are you…" and then the rest of his words cut off in a strangled whine as Senga slid his mouth over Fujigaya's piercing and rolled it with his tongue. He tasted the sharp tang of the metal and the salt of Fujigaya's skin, like when Senga sucked lightly on Nikaido's earrings, only muskier, the muscles of Fujigaya's stomach taut under Senga's lips.

He rolled the piercing against his tongue again, holding Fujigaya's hips still with his arm, then again, until Fujigaya's erection was straining against Senga's arm and he was rubbing his own trapped cock against Nikaido's sheets.

"Ken-chan, please," Fujigaya begged, pushing up against Senga's arm, and when Senga looked up, Fujigaya's eyes were dark and wide, his fingers wrapped so tight around Nikaido's arms that they were digging into the skin, and when he let go to reach for Senga instead, they left white marks behind that quickly turned red.

Senga let them pull him up and settle him in between them, Nikaido leaning in for another hard, hot kiss, while Fujigaya curled against his side, rocking against Senga's hip and sucking lightly on Senga's own piercing, the swipe of his tongue against Senga's earlobe making Senga shudder.

Nikaido was hardly unaffected, his cock rubbing Senga's stomach through their clothes, and Senga reached in between them to undo Nikaido's jeans, making Nikaido pull his mouth away with a curse as Senga's hands brushed over him.

"I don't have any piercings down there for you to play with," Nikaido informed Senga, voice rough.

"I'm sure I'll find something interesting," Senga replied sweetly, then wrapped his hand tight around Nikaido's cock and stroked into the thrust of Nikaido's hips. Fujigaya reached around to help, fingers curling over Senga's and making Nikaido scrabble at Senga's shoulders. Fujigaya laughed and shifted so that he was rocking his hips more firmly against Senga's ass.

Taken by surprise, Senga's breath caught, and his rhythm on Nikaido stuttered, making Nikaido growl and push into Senga's grip before he got a better look at Senga's expression and realized that Senga wasn't teasing him.

"Taipi," Nikaido stopped moving and touched Fujigaya's shoulder lightly.

"Oh!" Fujigaya's hips stilled, and Senga felt a flush of embarrassment cover his cheeks. "Ne, Ken-chan, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you two haven't gone that far yet."

"I-it's okay," Senga managed, mortified, burying his face in Nikaido's neck so he wouldn't have to face Fujigaya. "It just startled me. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, stupid," Nikaido chided, breath warm over Senga's temple, and Senga shivered when Fujigaya pressed a kiss to the back of his neck. "Taipi doesn't mind."

"Of course I don't." Fujigaya and Nikaido worked together to roll the resisting Senga over, pulling Senga's hands down when he tried to hide his face. Fujigaya waited until Senga was looking at him before kissing his nose, startling a laugh out of him. "There's plenty of other stuff to do before that."

Nikaido's laugh was dark and rich behind Senga, and Senga didn't feel entirely reassured, especially not when Nikaido skimmed a hand over Senga's waist to draw slow circles low on his stomach. Fujigaya threaded his fingers through Senga's hair and pull his mouth up for another kiss, this one slower, teasing Senga with flicks of his tongue until Senga felt like he was burning under Fujigaya's hands.

Suddenly Fujigaya's mouth was gone, and Senga's eyes fluttered open in confusion before the slide of Fujigaya down Senga's body made them fall shut again. "Taipi!" Senga whined, squirming and embarrassment returning as Fujigaya settled, low enough to rub his cheek against Senga's zipper.

"You haven't done this either?" he asked, but his voice was curious rather than mocking. "Maa, Nika-chan's been virtuous!"

"It's not easy with Mitsu checking up on us all the time!" Nikaido protested, hitching himself up on one elbow both to hold Senga still and to get a better view of Fujigaya undoing Senga's zipper. "He's always lecturing me about protecting his Ken-chan's innocence, and coming up with ways to keep one of us after practice late. By the time we get five minutes to ourselves, we can't even last long enough to get our clothes off usually!"

"Nika!" Senga protested, squirming in Nikaido's grip and reaching down to bat Fujigaya's hand away, but Fujigaya caught his wrist easily and turned it up to nibble the skin on the underside.

"Don't worry about him," Fujigaya murmured, catching Senga's eye. Both of them ignored Nikaido's indignant noise. "I wanna taste you, Ken-chan. It's okay, right?"

Senga's pulse sped up under Fujigaya's fingers and his cheeks turned even pinker, but he nodded as he dropped his eyes. Fujigaya kissed Senga's wrist again, then let it go. Senga didn't try to push him away again; he put his hand on Nikaido's chest, wrapping his fingers in Nikaido's shirt and burying his face against Nikaido's shoulder as Fujigaya made short work of his zipper and drew his cock out.

Nikaido nuzzled the top of Senga's head, running fingers through the waves of his hair. "You really ought to see, Ken-chan." Senga shook his head, breath hitching as Fujigaya sucked just the tip of Senga's cock into his mouth, slow and easy, hands soothing Senga's hip. "It's really hot," Nikaido coaxed, fingers skimming from Senga's hair down over his neck and collarbone.

Peeking over his arm, Senga's breath caught at the sight of his cock slipping into Fujigaya's mouth, Fujigaya's eyes dark, his lips wet and red. Fujigaya smiled a little when he caught Senga's gaze, then swallowed him deeper, making Senga moan.

It didn't take long at all, Fujigaya's mouth working Senga and Nikaido murmuring how hot it was in Senga's ear, and then Senga was tugging at Fujigaya's hair. He whimpered in protest when Fujigaya refused to move, but wasn't able to hold back any longer. He clutched at Nikaido as he came, thrusting up into the heat of Fujigaya's mouth.

When his vision cleared, Senga found Fujigaya sitting up on his knees, licking the corner of his mouth with a smug expression, but Senga's body was humming with too much pleasure to feel any more embarrassment. He held out his arms, and Fujigaya crawled up into them willingly, snuggling in between Senga and Nikaido.

"I told you we never even get our clothes off," Nikaido said, sliding arms around Fujigaya's waist and kissing the back of his neck.

"We can fix that," Fujigaya murmured, eyes focused on Senga, but when Senga moved forward for a kiss, he tilted his head back. "You sure you want to kiss me, after I...?"

Fujigaya let the question hang purposely, raising an eyebrow, and Senga looked at him thoughtfully for a second before a look of determination came over his features. When he leaned in a second time, Fujigaya didn't pull away, but instead gathered Senga close, one hand splaying over the small of Senga's back and the other palming the back of Senga's head.

It was a bit weird, tasting himself in Fujigaya's mouth, but Senga forgot about it soon enough as Fujigaya's tongue slid over his, his grip on Senga's body tightening. Senga was dazed by the time Fujigaya pulled away, only to have Nikaido roll half over Fujigaya for his own kiss, the one fierce and full of want.

"You two really do suck at this," Fujigaya chuckled, and distantly Senga felt Fujigaya tugging at his shirt. "I guess it's up to the senpai after all. Here, stop, stop it. Oh, it's only for a second," he chastised when Senga whined as Fujigaya shouldered Nikaido back onto his other side. "No more kissing until you're naked, that's the only way you'll get anything done."

Senga whined some more, just for effect, but was only half-acting the way his fingers fumbled at his clothes, feeling like everything wasn't working quite right yet. Fujigaya shook his head sadly, and then reached down to yank Senga's shirt over his head.

"At least one of you is having some success," he muttered as he helped Senga tug off his jeans, Nikaido having already shed all his clothes and draped himself along Fujigaya's back. "Here," he said, sitting up onto his knees so that Nikaido rolled into Senga with a grunt of surprise. "You help him and I'll undress myself like a grown-up."

"Stop blushing," Nikaido ordered, kissing Senga's cheek as he picked up where Fujigaya had left off with the jeans. "I've touched just about all of this already."

"It's different," Senga insisted, but he was already getting distracted by the smooth curve of Nikaido's bare collarbone under his palm, the way the skin pulled tight and warm over his ribs. "I've never looked before."

"Look all you want," Nikaido said, growling a little as Senga skimmed his hand over a ticklish spot on his side. He got even by doing a little investigating himself, curious fingers brushing over Senga's shoulders and sternum, grazing a nipple on the way by and making Senga gasp.

Senga had almost forgotten Fujigaya was even there, and jumped a little when Fujigaya made an appreciative noise as Senga's hands skimmed lower along Nikaido's belly. He looked up to see Fujigaya sitting cross-legged, watching them intently, naked and hard. It sent a spike of heat to his own cock, which was apparently recovered enough from Fujigaya's earlier attentions.

"Nika," Senga murmured, rubbing his nose against Nikaido's throat but eyes still on Fujigaya. He curled a hand around Nikaido's cock and stroked slowly, still amazed by the way it made Nikaido shudder against him. "Did you like watching Taipi do that to me?"

"Yeah," Nikaido admitted after a second, voice low, but the real confession was the wetness that suddenly appeared at the tip of his cock. Senga rolled his thumb over the slickness, spreading it and making Nikaido hiss.

"I want to watch him do it to you," Senga said, stomach twisting with pleasure when Fujigaya's pupils flared and his fingers tightened in the sheets. "It's okay, right?"

Nikaido didn't answer right away, whether because he was thinking about it or because he couldn't think with Senga stroking him with perfect twists of his wrist. Fujigaya crawled forward without waiting for an answer, rubbing his cheek along the sharp jut of Nikaido's hip, eyes slit like a cat's.

"Say yes?" he asked, voice coaxing, and Nikaido's cock twitched in Senga's hand as he groaned.

"Yeah," Nikaido finally stuttered out, "yeah, okay," and Fujigaya didn't waste any time, sliding his lips over Nikaido's cock until they bumped into Senga's fist.

They worked Nikaido together, Fujigaya's lips caressing Senga's fingers whenever they came within reach and Senga's grip tightening on Nikaido in response, both of them holding Nikaido down as he tried to move against them, twisting and groaning. Senga was fascinated with the slide of Fujigaya's mouth over Nikaido's skin and the clutch of Nikaido's hands in Fujigaya's hair.

"I…I'm…" Nikaido tried to warn, but Senga swallowed his words in a heated kiss, swallowed the wrenching moan Nikaido gave as he came, his whole body going taut and trembling under Senga's hands.

He collapsed in between them, chest heaving, and Senga pulled his hand away and gave the skin between his thumb and forefinger an experimental lick. It tasted sharp but not terrible, mostly of Nikaido but with a little of Fujigaya, the way Fujigaya's mouth had tasted when Senga had kissed him.

Senga looked up to find Fujigaya watching him knowingly and blushed, dropping his hand to press stickily against Nikaido's stomach. Nikaido stirred, rubbing his cheek against Senga's shoulder and stretching like a contented cat.

"So," he said, clearing his throat to take some of the roughness away, and when Senga looked down at him, Nikaido's eyes were dark and full of mischief. "You've got the hang of it, right? Because I think we should practice on senpai, since he's handy."

Fujigaya tried to scramble away, but Senga and Nikaido pounced him before he could barely even roll over, pinning him down and exploring every inch of his body like the curious kouhai they were.

"You really like that, huh?" Fujigaya asked later, Nikaido dozing against his side. Senga was still curled around Fujigaya's hip, cheek propped up on one hand as he used the other to toy with Fujigaya's piercing, making Fujigaya shiver pleasantly. "You could get one."

"I'm too young to get those kinds of piercings!" Senga laughed, making Fujigaya frown a little, at least until Senga hitched himself up high enough to kiss the little metal bar. "Besides, I can just play with yours. Or make Nika get one."

Nikaido startled awake at Fujigaya and Senga's laughter, and blinked sleepily at them. "Why are you two looking at me like—AH!"

And the only answer he got after being rolled onto his back was Senga and Fujigaya busily investigating all the places he might get pierced very, very thoroughly.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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